Dan Taylor

Five-time All-American thrower Dan Taylor has epitomized the term “record-setter” in his career at Ohio State. The program record holder in the indoor weight, the outdoor hammer and discus, looks to etch his name into the OSU record books in the shot put this season as well. The Buckeye senior already has set the American collegiate record in the weight throw twice this season, most recently topping his own standard with a heave of 76-feet – 3-inches at the Indiana Invitational Feb. 8. Taylor, who also holds the Big Ten record in the weight, has won each of the five weight throw and shot put competitions this season and looks repeat as Big Ten champion in both events later this month.

In March, Taylor hopes to become the first Ohio State indoor track and field national champion since 1980 at the 2004 NCAA Championships in Fayetteville, Ark.

Prior to the 2004 season, Taylor competed for the United States in the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in August, where he finished fourth in the shot put as the only collegiate competitor in the international field.

Buckeye Fan: Do you like it at Ohio State? Was it you’re dream to go to OSU? Go Buckeyes #1
Dan Taylor: Of course i like it at Ohio State. It is a great place to be. It has been ingrained in my family to go Ohio State. I’m a third-generation Buckeye
Greg (Cincinnati): Dan, Not a question, but thanks for bringing pride to the Buckeye throws program. I threw there in the early 90s and its good to see us back on the map. Best of luck. GO BUCKS!!!
Dan Taylor: Thanks for the support greg.
Wayne Vickers – Circleville: What were your best throw in the shot and the weight as a freshman for the indoor season? Wish you and Coach Smith the best!
Dan Taylor: My best in the shot was 59-10 in the indoor season and 57-0 in the weight. it was long time ago. kinda tough to remember.
Sarah – Wheeling: How do you train for discus? Do you have a diet that you follow during track season?
Dan Taylor: really the most important drill is the half turn. it sets up the rest of the throw. no special diet. i just laid off the pop.
Rick (Columbus): What made you get into throwing the shot put and when did you start to realize your potential?
Dan Taylor: there was a buddy in high school that said come try throwing. I never played a spring sport and could not hit a baseball to save my life. i just started because most of my friends were on the team. after i won state my sophomore year was when i learned my potential. no one expected that.
Drew(Cleveland): Hey Dan. I have been following you and must say you have done some amazing things. Did you ever expect to see yourself throwing this great? What has it been like knowing your one of the best? Also I hear Ohio State may have “the next” Dan Taylor in redshirted Freshman Lenny Jatsek. What do you see in him? Thanks and good luck.
Dan Taylor: you never know you are going to be good at something. it is hard to say you are the best at something because you know there always in someone better. you try not to think about that because it will stress you out think you are the best. Lenny has a lot of potential. as long as he trains hard i can foresee him doing very well.
Franks (Berkshire): Go Dan! I followed you in high school and your career at OSU. Best of luck to you. Plans after college?
Dan Taylor: Thanks franks. as far as plans after college…hopefully it includes the Olympics this summer. hopefully.
Jon (Burton): Whats up Dan. You gonna set any more records this year?
Dan Taylor: yeah, i am going to try and set more records this year. i would really like to set the shot records. that is something i really want to do.
Daniel-Columbus: Do you think you’ll make 70′ this year?
Dan Taylor: yeah, i hope so. I have three indoor meets left and i hope i can hit 70. that is one of the major milestones for any thrower.
Irish: Is Taylor an Irish name?
Dan Taylor: No, Taylor is not Irish, but my mother is Irish.
Jonathan (Burton): Dan…with that weight and height…did you ever think about playing basketball?
Dan Taylor: No, i could not make a shot to save my life. i think i would do well down low and can dunk, but that is about it.
Tom (Columbus): Talk about your relationship with coach John Smith and do you feel he is the main reason for your success at the collegiate level?
Dan Taylor: definitely. coach smith is the one of the only reasons i came to Ohio State. without him i don’t think i would be anywhere near as successful as i am now.
Eric – Columbus: Are you going to tryout for the 2004 olympics?
Dan Taylor: Yes, i have already qualified for the trials in the shot put. you have to be top three in the trials to go to the games. we’ll see what happens.
Columbus, Ohio: What chance do smaller guys have to be competative at shot put?
Dan Taylor: you cannot base it on me. i am the largest american shot putter there is. some of the other professionals are six feet or less. a lot of it is strength and technique as opposed to size.
Bill (Cincinnati): Has your season progressed the way you planned so far? Are you where you want to be heading to nationals?
Dan Taylor: I would say the season has been better than i expected. when i came out in the first meet i did not expect to break the college record in the weight. I would have liked to see a better throw in the shot so far, but i like where i am at heading into nationals in both events.
John (Cleveland): Does throwing two events in one day wear on you? Does it hurt your strength in the second event of the day?
Dan Taylor: Not really because that is the way we practice. in the summer i will do three events a day sometimes. So we are prepared for it in practice. so it does not affect me in meets.
Phil (Middlefield): As a high school track coach, do you have any advice for youngsters wanting to be the next “dan taylor”?
Dan Taylor: I would say find a good lifting program that works for you in high school. i personally never lifted in high school. Try and do summer meets on your own. they help prepare you for big meets. it takes a while to be a good thrower. so be patient and don’t give up.
Austin Zoonotic: Hey Dan, me and my buddy Wally want to know how much you bench
Dan Taylor: right now my bench is at 500 pounds, but next week i am going try to set a personal best above 500.
Susan (Delaware): Is it tough to improve on a week-to-week basis in meets when few people in the field challenge you?
Dan Taylor: yes it is. it is hard to push yourself when you really don’t have many people to compete with. you throw for a distance and not against someone who has a chance to beat you.
Jessica (Dayton): Talk about your training methods, what makes you stand above the rest?
Dan Taylor: really all of our training methods come from coach smith and his experience with the sport for so many years. A lot of hard work. I never break training. not even in the offseason.
Keith and Emmet ( Middlefield): Dan, Did your strength and size come from your family or are you just a black sheep?
Dan Taylor: basically all of my height comes from my mom’s side of the family. i have three cousins taller than i am and i am 6-6. my mom is 5-10 and my dad is 6-0. my one cousin played basketball for mount union and my other cousin plays for West Virginia.
Dad, (Burton): Hey Dan, Congrats on player of the week. Mom and I are very proud of everything you have done at OSU in track and in the classroom. I hope everyone understands the committment and time it has taken for you to get this far. See you Fri. Love m&d
Dan Taylor: thanks pops. i know you guys are bragging on me because i am your son, but it is good to hear sometimes.
Tony (Broadview): What do you think you’re going to do aftar you graduate from Ohio State?
Dan Taylor: I hope to do track as long as i can. if i had to pick a career path i would focus on home building and construction.
Dan Taylor: Thanks everyone. That is all the time I have today. Thanks for all of the support. I hope everyone can make it out to our final home meet Saturday or to Jesse Owens Stadium this spring.