Oct. 23, 2004

Hi All!

We just finished our fourth and final round. It rained for about 9 holes here today. Canada tied for 2nd with the United States! It was a great finish and even though we didn’t win and perhaps was a little (or a lot) frustrating at times, it was an excellent showing. Hopefully this will lead to many World Championships in the future for Canada! We are just in the media room right now ready to talk about the day. Tonight is the big final gala dinner. All of Canada’s men’s team, captains and delegates are here so we are looking forward to a big night out! I forgot to tell you about our caddies this week. They were children from a school nearby that knew NOTHING about golf. The stories we have are priceless. Everyday they would ask how many holes we were going to play that day! Quite cute. I think that by the end of the week all three of our caddies became interested in golf and might even take up the game! They caught on quickly and it was great to have them helping us. It’s been such a great week. Lots of memories have been made and without a doubt, Canada will be ready two years from now for the next World Championships! We leave tomorrow at lunchtime to head home and back to “real life”, unfortunately!

See you soon,