Oct. 18, 2004

Hi everyone,

It’s Monday night and we just finished up dinner and another evening of venturing around the city. We woke up early this morning and played nine holes on the Ocean course. It was HOT outside, around 90! MaryAnn, Laura and I played well. Dean, Carole and Jackie went to another course an hour away to play with the other captains and delegates from all the different countries. It was called the “Duffers and Delegates Tournament.” We spent the early afternoon relaxing at the pool. MaryAnn and I took a dip in the ocean and bodysurfed on the waves. We went back to the course later to practice once it had cooled down. We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant which was wonderful. In fact, it was our second night in a row at this place. Tomorrow we tee off at 8:10 a.m. for our fourth and final practice round. Hope all is well at home!