Aug. 25, 2014 COLUMBUS, Ohio – Gene Smith, Ohio State University vice president and director of athletics, has added LaToya Farris to the Athletics Administration staff. Farris will act as the Assistant Director of Career Management, a newly-created role serving OSU student-athletes.

Farris’ focus will be on creating and implementing programs and strategies to assist student-athletes in career opportunities. Specifically, she will aid student-athletes in securing internships, post-graduate employment and career preparation. Collaborative work with many internal constituents, including coaches, SASSO, alumni and University career services amongst others, will be another tool utilized by Farris to meet Buckeye student-athlete career management needs. Fostering partnerships with organizations in the private, non-profit, government and academic sectors is also a key function of the new position, aiding student-athletes in filling internships and professional opportunities.

In a survey of 2014 student-athlete graduates, nearly sixty percent of graduating Buckeyes had already accepted an employment position or been accepted to graduate school. Over thirty different companies had hired on former OSU student-athletes while $128,700 in aid was secured for postgraduate awards.

Farris spent the last 10 years at Kansas State University in the Career & Employment Services (CES) office. She worked with the internship program, international students and student-athletes while also chairing career fairs and events. Farris’ time with KSU Athletics began 14 years ago, serving in the event operations department. In addition, she was an adjunct instructor on campus, teaching a Culture & Context in Leadership undergraduate class.

Prior to joining CES, Farris was a foster care social worker with the Kansas Children’s Service League.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s in Education, Student Counseling and Personnel Services (intercollegiate athletics emphasis) from Kansas State University.