Sophomore goaltender Chelsea Knapp has been off the ice with an injury, but continues to travel with the Ohio State women’s hockey team while helping the team on the road. She also gives fans some insight into the Buckeyes, this weekend up in Duluth, Minn., to play the No. 3 Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs.


Hey Buckeye fans, Just checking in again before I call it a night. Tarr Star is already sound asleep and snoring.

Let’s cut to the chase though. We beat UMD tonight 4-2 and it was a great game (apparently they just received last year’s national championship rings yesterday) although from what I could see from the press box it was Buckeye hockey for most of the game.

Spooner got two goals and even though she has a dead leg from running into one of the posts at full speed at the end, she still got the first star of the game. As always when the Buckeyes and the Bulldogs play each other it gets physical. After the game some of us replayed Rizzo flying through the air with her feet above her head multiple times (a couple times in slow motion).

After, we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed some good food and luckily this time the fruit wasn’t gone by the time my table got to it. That’s all I have for tonight. Tune in tomorrow to root us on as we go for the sweep. Goodnight and go Bucks!


Hi Buckeye fans, I’m checking in from Duluth. We loaded the bus this morning at 9:30 and left for the airport. On our way into Minnesooooota we could see the snow covered ground and I got excited for the chance to pelt one of my teammates (preferably Kelly Wild) with a snow ball for the first time this the season.

After flying we still had a two and a half hour bus ride to Duluth which consisted of intense rivalries over Harry Potter trivia and the movie Letters to Juliet. If it weren’t for games this weekend Kelly, Lisa, Ally, and Lindsey would be headed to the movies dressed in wizard garb.

Once we got to the rink the team had a practice and the Gatorade for the day received a perfect “10” from Lisa and I, but Tarr felt it was a little too sugary and required more mixing. Props to our professional Gatorade chef and trainer, Greg.

We dined at a restaurant called Grandma’s where we got our fill of chicken and wild rice and Lisa got her shoes buttered twice, then got caught trying to seek revenge on Hokey – common freshman mistake. I also got buttered by Hokey, and can now say that the butterer has become the buttered. All I can say is she better eat with both eyes open and watch her back because I’ll be lurking in the shadows.

I’m rooming with Tarr Star this weekend and we are next door neighbors to Wild and Kimmy T…should be interesting. The night was topped off with watching the shows, The Office and Conan, which coincidentally was about Harry Potter. Goodnight and I’ll check back in tomorrow. As always it’ll be a great day to be a Buckeye!