April 19, 2018

Kelsey Mitchell: Big Ten Medal Of Honor Finalist


After being an outstanding student-athlete at the Ohio State University for the last four years what has been the most rewarding experience or opportunity during your time here? 

The most rewarding experience or opportunity here at Ohio State is the sport culture that Buckeye Nation provides, regardless of the sport. The support is limitless and that is all any athlete would want when playing at such a high, elite level. The education, too, is something unmatched. As a Sport Industry major, the resources to be successful academically has always been present.


What makes you a good candidate for this award? Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank for helping you during your time at Ohio State?

I think what makes me a good candidate for the award is my character. My willingness to want to be a good, honest, and helpful person was exemplified throughout my time here. Aside from athletic accomplishments, I think I have tried to keep my willingness to work apart my DNA for as long as I have been here. I would like to thank Kaitlin Flaherty, the academic advisor for WBB my freshmen year, for pushing me hard as a freshman and showing me how to be prepared in the long run as a student here at OSU.


In your opinion what does it mean to be a student-athlete, especially at a university like Ohio State?

To me, a student-athlete is a person who puts just as much time in being a student as they do an athlete. It is a person who equally balances both being a student and athlete.


After graduation how do you plan to take what you have learned as a student-athlete into the business world/professional athletic endeavors?

After graduation, I plan to use what I learned here as a student-athlete in the business/professional world by being open to learning, adjusting to what I am new to, and ensuring my work ethic is the same regardless the situation.