June 9, 2017

Kassidy Sauve at the NCAA Career in Sports Forum


June 9, 2017

Last weekend, Kassidy Sauve attended the NCAA’s Career in Sports Forum in Indianapolis with a couple of her fellow Buckeye student-athletes. Below, the outstanding goaltender talks about her experience and what all she learned from her time at the forum:

Attending the Career in Sports Forum in Indianapolis from June 1-4th was an unbelievable experience. I met many terrific NCAA representatives, from athletes to professionals. I have been leaning towards wanting to become a coach when my hockey career comes to an end. This past weekend allowed me to better understand some of the truly important qualities that are needed to be a successful, respected and proactive coach. Luckily for me, there was a panel with interns and graduate assistants who were finding their paths through coaching. Key take aways for me were some of the qualities that were discussed such as having a calm demeanor, the ability to remain poised under pressure, and one that struck me the most was making sure you let your players understand how great they are and showing unconditional love for them as human beings first and players second.

There were so many things that I brought home with me from this event! For example, I learned more about myself as a person through a DISC personaility assessment. One speaker mentioned that the most important items to keep in mind while finding the right place for yourself in a professional career is not changing your values to fit a job, basing the job off your behavior style (DISC assessment), finding something that provides a personal development opportunity and leading with your head and heart.

Having said that, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to represent The Ohio State University at such a prestigious event. I have brought so much back with me that will help through my remaining years of college and carry through my future career. It is amazing to see the resources that the NCAA provides for student-athletes of all levels and I feel privileged now more than ever to be member of this amazing association.

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