Aug. 22, 2014


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Sign up to be a member of the Scarlet Spikers and truly become a part of the Ohio State Women’s Volleyball Family. Fans and supporters get a closer and more personal connection with the Buckeyes by joining the program’s official booster club.

Scarlet Spikers Brochure

Members will have access to team pre-game activities, post-game gatherings, end of the year banquets, special gear, chalk talks and much more. Membership levels range from the $15/year OSU Student to the $1,000+/year Coaches Club. Complete information on benefits received can be found in the brochure above.

The Scarlet Spikers Booster club also supports a number of financial projects for Buckeye Volleyball. From covering expenses for NCAA Tournament banners and leadership conferences for student-athletes to updating locker room and training equipment, contributions are essential to competing at the highest level in the country. Scarlet Spikers make an impact on the dreams of OSU Women’s Volleyball and its student-athletes.

For any questions, check out the Scarlet Spikers Brochure or contact Katie Lipps (614-292-8004;