Oct. 5, 1999

On Ohio State’s turnovers
“The turnovers have upset me. We need to hold on to the ball. Michael Wiley knows he had a bad game and needs to improve on keeping the ball. My biggest concern now is that our opponents have seen that we are having trouble and will be trying to get to the ball even more.”

About the linebacker position
“We started off the season with five linebackers for three positions. Now that we have lost Fred Pagac we have to get Matt Wilhelm ready. So no question we are panicking over who is going to step up in there.”

On Ohio State injuries
“We were banged up in the Wisconsin game, the most that we have seen in quite some time. But Wisconsin was putting the hits on us, so you are going to get some people hurt.”

On the Wisconsin game
“Losing a game is always a concern. We have shown at times that we can play good defense and offense, but it has not come together in all four quarters. I am concerned over the special teams. We are not nearly getting the big plays that we should be from our special teams. That is probably an area that we really need to step it up.”

On Purdue’s Quarterback
“Drew Brees is an accurate passer. He does a very good job running their offense. He doesn’t make that many mistakes. He gets the ball to his receivers.”

On Michigan’s game against Purdue
“Last week, Purdue dropped 13 passes in that game, so that really helped the Michigan defense. They changed it up with their defenses, which helped them stop Brees.”

On Purdue’s defense
“They are a lot like us right now. Their defense is very young and has struggled these past few games. The have given up a lot of yards, but they play hard on both sides of the ball.”

On Ohio State’s defense
“We have not been able to stop people from scoring like we are used to. That has been the most disappointing area for us. Wisconsin had the ball for 18-19 drives. We cannot play like that. Our defense has to stop the long drives.”

So. Linebacker Jason Ott
“I really want for us to focus on ourselves, individually. I know what I need to do and that is what I will work on this week in practice. I want to stop making the mental mistakes and keep working on my technique. That is the only way we will improve each week.”

“I am approaching every game like I did in the beginning of the season. I want to make this defense better. But we can only do that by moving on and not focusing on the loss. We have to do the little things and get back on track.”

Sr. Cornerback Ahmed Plummer
“It definitely is going to take everyone to step it up. 11 guys play on that field and every individual needs to work on improving every week and then make the big plays in the game.”

“The time has come that we need to do a little bit more. We are used to showing up and winning, because we had experienced individuals, but we are a young defense. Everyone is going to have to step it up this week and bring more to the table for us to win.”

Sr. Linebacker Na’il Diggs
“We can bounce back. Everyone has a bad game and what makes a good player is the one that gets over this obstacle or this adversity.”

“I am not a happy camper and I think we are all in the same camp. We are not playing the kind of game that we can play. We have the talent, but we are not making the big plays. Coach Cooper has come to us and challenged us. When we battling for a win, we are not stepping it up. I was included in that. I did a poor job on Saturday and now have to step it up this week. That is going to be everybody’s focus.”