June 19, 2019

Internship Spotlight: Josh Kirson


Internship Spotlight: Josh Kirson

Goalie Josh Kirson, who started 11 games this past season in net for the Buckeyes, is putting his Ohio State finance education to work this summer with a unique Ohio State connection: Kirson is working for fellow lacrosse alums Jerry Nigro and Matt Whiteley at Claybrook Capital in Boston.

Kirson is a OSU Scholar-Athlete who hails from Newton, Mass., just 30-minutes west of Boston. Claybrook Capital specializes in private wealth management and has been in business for over 30 years. Jerry Nigro was a captain on the 1992 and team’s assist leader with 23 while Matt Whiteley lettered in 1991.

Kirson and why he pursued this internship: “This was a great opportunity to continue gaining relevant industry experience in the financial world while also being close to home.”

Kirson and what he’s learning this summer: “Outside of gaining new knowledge on the financial advisory and private wealth management front, I am learning a lot about how important relationships are in the professional world. Doing all of the little things goes a very long way, something that we also strive for everyday in Buckeye Lacrosse.”

Kirson on how this experience will help him in the future: “This will definitely be a valuable experience for me moving forward as I continue to build my professional network with great people and continue to pursue my desired career in corporate finance.”