July 18, 2019

Internship Spotlight: Evan Riss


Internship Spotlight: Evan Riss

When the summer began, Evan Riss had a goal: learn more about what it means to be a financial advisor. The finance major, who completed his sophomore season for the Scarlet and Gray this past spring, is doing that at Tide Creek Financial as a member of the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 2.0 class.

Located in Elkridge, Md., Tide Creek Financial Group is a collection of financial advisors and planners with varying specialties and backgrounds. It serves clients across the country, providing ongoing advice, guidance and coaching that is centered around the many financial decisions people are and will be faced with throughout their lifetimes.

Why were you interested in this internship with Tide Creek Financial? “I wanted to gain some experience and knowledge of what the business world is truly like. I know through the initial classes I’ve taken so far in Fisher, that I wanted to get outside the classroom to see how businesses truly operate. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity this summer at Tide Creek to experience this.”

What has a typical day been like for you? “My days have been very effective in terms of exposing me to different things. For example, one day I’ll be doing research on specific companies within a specific industry. Then, the next day, I’ll be given an opportunity to sit in on meetings talking about a variety of topics such as new products or applications, training for their new employees, or a simple meeting that gets everyone up to date with the company’s clients.”

What are the most important things you’ve learned thus summer? “I’ve learned a variety of skills that will certainly help prepare me for life after college. However, the most valuable skill would simply be learning how to interact with people in a professional environment. This can range anywhere from interactions in the office to talking with potential clients on the phone to schedule meetings and talk about what we do at Tide Creek. I am thankful for the skills learned so far this summer and I’m extremely thankful for being able to see how a business team conducts itself day in and out.”