April 13, 2006

Kris Moorman, a junior from St. Henry, Ohio, always had a dream of playing for Ohio State. When he was growing up whenever he needed motivation to stay in the batting cage for another hour all he had to do was look at the wall. Just outside of the batting cage at St. Henry High School was a poster of Bill Davis Stadium, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Moorman would look at it and dream about what it would be like to play in that stadium. Everyone in St. Henry always would talk about the Buckeyes when he was growing up and when it came from him to choose where he was going to attend college, there was no doubt in his mind he wanted to be a Buckeye and play in the stadium that motivated him.

What was growing up in St. Henry like?
“I’m originally from Columbus, but we moved to St. Henry when I was still young. St. Henry is a really small country town that really loves sports. They love all sports and they are all really supportive of there teams and players.”

What is your family like?
“Well, my dad is the superintendent of St. Henry Schools so that is why we moved there in the first place. Out of all the members of my family, he knows the most about sports. He played football for Toledo as a fullback. My mom works at the Lima branch campus of Ohio State in the office of development and my sister goes to North Carolina Charlotte.”

Was your family really into Ohio State sports when you were a kid?
“Well my dad loves Notre Dame football. He loves them, but in all other sports he is really a big fan of Ohio State. He has been a die-hard Notre Dame football fan his whole life, but during the season, he roots for Ohio State and Notre Dame. When they play, he goes with Notre Dame. I root for Ohio State though.”

What made you want to come to Ohio State?
“Columbus is where I come from, so I really wanted to come back. Plus, I don’t know anyone who is a Michigan fan in St. Henry. In St. Henry, they are all real big Buckeyes fans. Also, something that was big for me was this poster in our batting cage back home. It was a poster of Bill Davis Stadium and I would always look at it and wonder what it would be like to play there.”

What did your dad think when you came to Ohio State?
“He loved it. He really is a big Ohio State guy and when I got a chance to come and play for the Buckeyes he was really excited. Ohio State was far and away my dad’s favorite school out of the ones that recruited me.”

What do you think about your teammates?
“They are great. On the field, this may be the best hitting team that I have ever been on. I mean (positions) one through nine, we are all hitting well right now. As far as pitching goes we have some great young guys doing some great things for us. Off the field, we all are friends. We compliment each other very well and we’re all having a lot of fun right now.”

Has playing in Bill Davis Stadium been how you thought it would be?
“Oh yes, it has been just as I though it would be and better. When you play a home game at Ohio State, it is not like playing anywhere else in the country. The atmosphere is so different from any other place that I have ever played.”

What would you say is so special about playing at Bill Davis Stadium?
“I would have to say the fans. You can have the nicest stadium in the world but if no one comes to the games, then it is not going to be good at all. The fans are what make it fun. They are always out there supporting the team. It is just amazing these people I don’t even know come out a cheer for us. It is really something special.”