April 25, 2002

Boston Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra has many superstitions on the field, which include his routine in the batters box before hitting. Ohio State sophomore Trent Luyster has a superstition that is a little different, it includes his pre-game routine in the locker room. Luyster has a certain ritual that he follows when he gets dressed.

“I have to get dressed the same way before every game in the locker room and it takes me about 30 minutes,” Luyster said.

Luyster can take a simple task of getting dressed and turn it into a complicated process.

“I always start on the left side first then the right,” Luyster said.

“I start with my socks,” Luyster said “I wear two pairs and I put them on one at a time left foot first,” Luyster said.

“I put my under clothes on and my sliding pants, the process takes a while,” Luyster said.

“Next, I stretch out my pants so that they fit just right and put them on,” Luyster said.

“Then, I put my shirt on and work on getting my pants adjusted at the bottoms so they look good,” Luyster said. “Then, I put my jersey on.”

“Everyone has their own superstition, this is mine,” Luyster said.

Finally, after everything is in place and looks good, Luyster puts on his hat to complete the whole outfit.

Luyster has had this routine ever since he was younger and it has just stuck with him.

As a child, Luyster loved to play sports, he competed in both baseball and basketball. But, Luyster’s first Little League coach, Rick Bear, saw a lot of potential early on in his baseball career. Bear worked with Luyster to improve his skills and taught him to stay focused on the field. Thus, Luyster decided to pursue his career in baseball. Luyster believes his hard work and dedication have paid off and gotten him to this point in his career.

Luyster is from the small town of Flushing in southeast Ohio. He grew up in a small, close family with just one sister, Faith. His family is very proud of him and comes to as many games as they can.

Luyster has made five appearances for the Buckeyes this season with one start. In his last two outings totaling 2 1/3 innings, he has allowed only two unearned runs.