July 10, 2019

Huntington Bucks Go Pro Update


Check out how the Buckeyes are doing so far in their Huntington Bucks Go Pro Internships!

Bucks Go Pro 1.0 Program

Ohio State Buckeyes

Adelaide Penzone

“My experience through Bucks Go Pro has been nothing but positive and a great learning experience. I am working in the Digital Media Department for Athletics and have learned a lot about the social media marketing side that goes into promoting athletic programs. I have also learned a lot about professionalism through the development sessions that the interns have to attend weekly. My favorite part about my internship so far is learning how to operate different software that is used for digital marketing.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

Mara Hunter

“In my internship so far, I have gained experience in a professional office setting that I have never had before. I’ve gained the confidence to interact with people in a different way which is something I value. My supervisor is very open to questions and has brought me along to sit in some really interesting meetings, which I really enjoy. Through the Bucks Go Pro internship program, I have learned how to network and connect with people in a professional manner which will really help me in the future! I am very grateful for this opportunity to experience “work life” because we, as student-athletes, don’t always have the time. I truly believe this experience has helped prepare me for the future.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

Nikki Trzaska

“So far my internship experience has been amazing through the Bucks Go Pro 1.0 program. I have been working in the Event Management Department within Athletics and have had the chance to see a lot of behind the scenes work leading up to the events, and then working each. Through this, I have developed a much greater appreciation for all of the people that put in work to ensure that events run smoothly. I have worked a wide variety of events so far ranging from baseball games to country concerts to even a three-day Special Olympics. My favorite part about this internship so far is getting to know and work with the small, yet mighty bunch of event management staff. They make all the hard work such a fun, enjoyable experience!”

Bucks Go Pro 2.0 Program

Ohio State Buckeyes

Sammy Stone

“This summer I am interning with Upside, a company that runs a podcast focused on startup investing outside of Silicon Valley. I am a marketing intern who assists in managing all things social media and growing the company. Through the different voices we have featured, I have learned how much is going on in the startup world all over the country. I have also learned how important it is to stay active on online platforms and to keep generating fresh content to grow a following. The entire team works remotely the majority of the time while touching base through video calls or occasional meetings. My favorite part about this internship is that my bosses, Eric and Jay, have really allowed me to have creative freedom and learn as I grow.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

Hannah Pany

“This summer I have had the privilege of interning within the Member Services Department at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. The main goal of this department is to focus on the retention of the current chamber members. While in the office, I work heavily in the Customer Relationship Management (CMS) systems, Weblinkand ChamberMaster. Outside of the office, I assist relationship managers’ meetings with current members, attend high-level Columbus Chamber events, and tour local business facilities. Through this experience, I have heightened my professional networking skills and learned far beyond imaginable about what it is like working at a nonprofit. My favorite part of this internship is connecting, researching and meeting with companies in Columbus.”