July 11, 2019

Huntington Bucks Go Pro Update No. 3


Welcome back to the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 2019 bi-weekly updates with Ali Beekhuizen and Lindsay Epstein! We just wrapped up our sixth week and are heading into the end of our internship. Recently we have networked with professionals and executives from the Columbus area. Additionally, we toured various companies including the Columbus Blue Jackets/Nationwide Arena and the Columbus Crew. We heard from their employees in a variety of departments. As part of our internship requirement, we were assigned group projects at the beginning of the internship and our presentations are coming up soon. The two of us are in two different project groups, one creating podcasts and one writing stories for ‘The People’ features on our website. Check out what we did in more detail below!

The theme for this week was “Outside the Bubble” where we visited various companies in the Columbus area. For day one, we took a bus to Nationwide Arena which is home to the Columbus Blue Jackets, our city’s professional hockey team. We toured arena and learned all about the production of concerts, and other events as well as the history, traditions, and game-day operations of the hockey team. After the tour, we participated in a panel with individuals from multiple departments including marketing, finance, HR, sales, and more. We heard about their day-to-day operations, how they got to where they are, and advice they suggested us. Our group was free to ask open questions and followed the discussion with some one-on-one networking with any one of them who caught our interest!

Wednesday we bussed over to Mapfre Stadium, home to the Columbus Crew.. We began with an introduction of individuals from multiple departments. We heard about their personal journey to their career now and what they do in their current position. Then we received a full tour of the historic stadium. We learned that Mapfre Stadium was the first soccer-specific stadium in Major League Soccer and has been used multiple times by the U.S. National Team. In addition to soccer, this stadium holds other events including the annual concert ‘Rock on the Range’ which draws more than 40,000 people per day!

The theme for week six was all about Buckeye networking led by Ben Waite and Cassie Bernard. The day started with an opening ice breaker game with a deck of cards. Each person was dealt a card and had to find the other student-athletes with the same number as them. The task was to create a list of 10 things that all four members have in common other than the obvious options. While the first few were very easy to come up with, the challenge was harder toward the last few commonalities.

Following the ice breaker, owner of Dawson Resources, Chris DeCapua, spoke to the group on the importance of creating relationships and networking. DeCapua emphasized the significance of communicating with people and how it can help you get a job down the road. He explained that you never know who is watching or who will be able to help you in the future so it’s important to always be your best self to anyone you meet.

We concluded the session by learning how to write our own elevator pitch and practicing with each other to gain confidence.

Week six, day two continued with a very realistic networking experience. To kick off the session, Cathi Fallon, founder and Director of The Etiquette Institute of Ohio, hosted an interactive session on the power of first impressions. She taught the group the proper greeting, eating etiquette and how to hold a plate, napkin, and cup while simultaneously shaking someone’s hand.

We then put these skills to practice in a speed networking session with various professionals from the Columbus area. We conjoined with the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 2.0 program and were broken into groups of three. Each group got 15 minutes with a professional and then moved tables four times. This session was extremely beneficial for us because it helped us to gain confidence in an uncomfortable environment like speed networking.

We were very busy these past two weeks with a few different projects. After emailing the entire Ohio State athletics staff asking for bio information, we compiled their responses and put together a bio for the website. We’ve already updated multiple bios in various departments. Also, we continued updating the sports teams archives into more accessible tables as well as posting more ‘My Hometown’ features.

We covered and wrote about the Summer Bridge Program, which is designed to help incoming freshman student-athletes transition into the upcoming school year. The sessions include weekly meetings to discuss transitional skills and resources, alcohol education, Title IX, academic misconduct, and much more.

We published our first ‘I Knew When…’ video with Nikki Trzaska on the Field Hockey team. Check out the video below!


We can’t believe we only have two more weeks of our internship left. We’re definitely going to enjoy every last minute. Check in soon for the last bi-weekly update!