June 13, 2019

Huntington Bucks Go Pro Update No. 1


Welcome to the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 2019 bi-weekly updates, our names are Lindsay Epstein and Ali Beekhuizen! This summer we began our eight-week program which includes professional development and real-life work experience as interns. The professional development sessions, twice a week, contain a variety of different activities and speakers. The two of us are also interning in the Athletics Communications department, where we create content, assist with press conferences/releases, and help with the day-to-day tasks of a communications specialist. Below, you’ll find our experience at the four professional development sessions we’ve had so far. ⬇⬇⬇ Scroll down towards the bottom of the post ⬇⬇⬇ for an inside look at the work we’ve created in the first two weeks as HBGP communication interns!


The first day of professional development was full of excitement and getting to know our fellow HBGP interns. The theme for our first week was “welcome to the team”. We started with many ice breakers and challenges that allowed us to learn a little more about each other and what the following days would be like. The next activity included getting into groups and building a plane with Legos. We were then told to switch tables and make whatever adjustments we wanted to the next group’s plane. Once we went around the room making our own alterations to the different planes, everyone’s looked completely different. From this activity, we learned a lot of valuable lessons of what it means to have success working within a team of people. It is important in our internships now, and careers down the road, to hear everyone’s opinions/ideas and be able build on constructive criticism.

The Ted Talk that we watched following, taught us about the types of procrastination. Almost everyone in the room said that they have procrastinated before, us included. While we learned there really is no good in procrastinating, procrastinators who set deadlines are healthier than those with no deadlines. When there is no deadline, our “Panic Monster”😨 doesn’t show up and therefore we never finish the assignment. Our group learned that it is important to set deadlines for yourself at your job and to stay on top of your work.  At the conclusion of our first day, we covered some housekeeping details and expectations for the rest of the summer internship.


For day ✌ of professional development, we traded business professional attire for shorts, t-shirts and sneakers and headed to the Outdoor Adventure Center. We were greeted by employees of the adventure center who had a day of activities planned for us, but we weren’t sure exactly what this consisted of. For the main portion of the day, we were placed into teams for a relay competition. But we weren’t placed into teams easily. We were blindfolded and then a type of animal was whispered into our ears. The only way to find our other team members was to make that animal noise and find others who were making the same. This was both difficult and hilarious at the same time. Once we found our team members, we were separated into five stations. Each activity was timed, and at the end of it all whoever completed the activities with the fastest time won! 🏃‍♀️

Station One consisted of getting five tennis balls from one bucket to another using every team member BUT without the use of hands. In Station Two every team member had to stand on a small tarp and find a way to flip the tarp over without a team member stepping off. For the third activity, we had to recreate a giant Jenga sculpture, but only using our feet. In the fourth activity, we had to balance a pole on our fingers and lower it to the ground as a team. For the fifth and final activity, we all intertwined our arms and held hands, then had to untangle ourselves! All of these activities took a lot of communication, invaded our comfort zone, and brought us closer together. After the day was completed, we reflected on all of the activities and what important lessons we learned from them. Through these activities we learned to value everyone’s input, overcome challenges and communicate effectively. It was also great to meet new people and share a lot of laughs and smiles with them. 😊😂


This week’s theme was “learning to lead”. Patrick Klein, associate head coach of women’s basketball program led activities. To begin, we were broken into groups of five or six and asked to sit down within our groups. Patrick then explained the first instructions. He said that we would have a draft of random items and that it is very important to pick well. With no one in any group having any idea what was behind the wall for the draft, the first person got up and made their pick, a large bowl. People came back with things like tissues, rubber bands, trash bags, sandboxes, bubble wrap, and even a bag of tortillas! 🌮 When the last draft pick was selected, every group had about six or seven random items laying in front of them. Patrick took the stage again and explained that with the items we had drafted we were to build an egg basket in which we would have to drop an egg from a certain height, land it on our creation and not break the egg. When time ran out and we had to drop the eggs, only one group had success the first time. The other groups’ got together and made adjustments for the next egg drop. By the end of the second round, five of the eight groups in total had successfully kept their egg from breaking. After this challenge, we all learned how important it was to watch other groups techniques, learn from them and apply that to our own egg drop. We had to work as a group and change our strategies in order to be successful. In our internships, we need to keep an open mind and be able to get creative to find ways to succeed.

The next activity was a lemonade stand. 🍋 Each group was given six gallons of lemonade and a poster. The task was to raise the most money by giving away free lemonade but asking for donations to the Urban & Shelly Meyer Fund for Cancer Research. As a whole, what we learned from this challenge was the importance of creativity, strategy, and connecting with people. As a group, we first had to decide what the best location would be to put up our lemonade stand. Then we had to decide what we should put on our poster that will help us get donations. The group that had the most success was the group that used the foundation as their selling point. Instead of them saying “free lemonade” they would say “who wants to help cancer research” or “wants to make an impact?”. It is important to be creative, connect with people, and be strategic when working in a group and being a leader.


On week two, day two of professional development we had the privilege of meeting with and listening to multiple inspiring and successful people. We started the session with a “Chief Panel” where we chatted in small groups with four prominent business executives’ from the Columbus area. In the panel, we heard about their stories and asked questions, and the groups of about 7-8 interns per executive allowed for an intimate interaction. The executive’s careers ranged throughout a variety of areas, and they gave a lot of useful advice about getting started, networking, what they look for in an employee, and how to follow your passions. We followed this with a case study led by Charles Buchanan, Fisher College of Business expert. We were instructed to read a case about a rowing program which had a JV team continually beating the varsity team in competition. 🚣‍♀️ The coach was stumped on trying to figure out why this kept happening. He finally came to the conclusion that though the varsity team was more physically fit, the JV team had more trust and selflessness, which led to their victories. We discussed that trust can only be given not taken and it consists of character, competence, connection, and commitment.

Next, Urban Meyer explained to us the difference between a core belief vs. conceptual belief and an objective truth vs. a subjective truth. He discussed how important it is to stand for what you believe in and do what is right in your heart because that is the only thing that is time-tested and real. He also conversed that to be a good leader, you have to be able to lead downward as well as up, and that only comes from within yourself. We wrapped up the session with Coach Klein teaching us to always remember your roots, stay humble, and most importantly pay it forward. Coach Klein is adamant about giving back to his community and that shows through his organization, iBELIEVE, which strives to increase collegiate attendance and help kids become successful future leaders. 🎓


Our internship experiences these past two weeks exceeded any and all of our expectations. The very first day on the job we toured the new Covelli Center as well as assist and watch a press conference with the men and women’s volleyball, and wrestling head coaches. The next few days that followed, we were tasked with a variety of different assignments. We covered another press conference, this one with the men’s basketball head coach, where we took pictures for the website and social media. We received a very personable and exciting task of getting to welcome our very own new women’s lacrosse head coach. We were challenged to ask her questions during her press conference (take a look at the questions we asked 🙋) and we also made an informational video about her ⬇⬇⬇⬇

The second week on the job we created another video of a player on the men’s volleyball team traveling to Rwanda. It’s really cool and gratifying to see our work posted on Instagram and Twitter within the first week of our job! Our latest two jobs are to interview different student-athletes for a feature called “My Hometown” and a project called “I knew when”. For “My Hometown” we will be interviewing student-athletes who are from all over the world getting to know a little bit more about them and where they are from.  Our project titled “I knew when” is a collection of short videos on student-athletes asking them questions that start with “I knew when…”. Every day in the communications office has been something different and exciting and we are humbled to be a part of such an incredible opportunity and can’t wait for the rest of the summer!🤗

We’ll check back in two weeks for another update, go bucks!‼🔙🔜‼