June 21, 2017

Humphrey Highlights | Sammy Edwards


June 21, 2017

Sammy Edwards is interning this summer with the Ohio State Police Department (OSUPD) for Bucks Go Pro. She is a rising senior from Dublin, Ohio and majoring in strategic communications with a minor in criminology.

This is week three for Edwards and she has already had opportunities to see spectacular public service first hand with the OSUPD. Edwards has been working with multiple supervisors throughout the department and has had daily tasks that include: working on background checks, inputting citations into their database and looking over some surveillance video. The most thrilling experience Edwards has had so far was that she was able to ride along in a police car with Officer Shaul and her police dog, Rita. In the ride along, Edwards was able to see all the details that go into being an officer while being in their police vehicle.  Some of those exciting components that she learned about was seeing how everything works (like the police radio), how to respond to a situation when it is called in, and what you do while there isn’t anything being called in.

Edwards said that this experience is something that she’s always strived to be a part of. “Since I was little, I have always loved police and detective work and really admired people who work in criminal justice. Having the opportunity to be in the same setting as these people I have always looked up to and see what it is like to be a police officer and detective has been really interesting.”

I know that the majority of people, when they first hear that someone is working with the Police Department, think about every criminal justice television show that they have ever seen, including NCIS, Castle, Bones, CSI and many others (or maybe that is just me!) However, Edwards discovered that there is much more that goes into working for the OSUPD than what we have been exposed to on television. Working for the OSUPD is quite different than working for the Columbus Police Department and Edwards is just beginning to learn all that entails working for a school’s police department.

Edwards concluded with a statement regarding what she has learned so far and how she hopes to bring it to her soccer team. “What I am hoping to bring back from my internship in law enforcement and through Bucks Go Pro is better communication skills. I have had to work with various people at the department and at the professional development classes which have made me better at communicating and leading. I have learned many skills in just the past three weeks already, so I am excited to see how that can turn over into my senior soccer season next fall.”

During the 2016 season, Edwards appeared in all 21 matches and started 11. For her forward position, she scored six goals, second-most on the team. Since Edwards’s freshman year season, in 2014, she has made a huge impact for the women’s soccer team. In her freshman year she tallied the most goals (six) and an assist. Edwards and her team made it to the second round of the NCAA Tournament this past season. In her career, Edwards has a total of 38 points and still has an entire senior year season this upcoming fall.