July 17, 2017

Humphrey Highlights | Miles Johnson at the ESPYs and His Sustainability Internship


July 17, 2017

Athletics Communications intern Maddy Humphrey is venturing around campus this summer, checking in on some of her Bucks Go Pro peers and sharing their internship story.

INSIDE LOOK: Miles Johnson at the ESPY’s
A few days ago, Miles Johnson, a men’s volleyball player and Bucks Go Pro intern for Sustainability, received a phone call from Janine Oman, Associate AD for the Ohio State Athletic Departments, regarding a particular question she needed to ask him.

“So Miles, would you want to fly out to LA for the 2017 ESPYs to represent Ohio State winning the Capital One Cup?” Oman asked.

Johnson laughed at first because he didn’t understand the reality, but throughout the conversation he surely did by saying to Oman, “What?” Once reality settled in, Johnson eagerly agreed to fly out to LA to represent The Ohio State University at the ESPYs. Johnson flew out two days later on Tuesday to California to prepare for the ESPYs that took place on Wednesday.

The first event of the ESPYs was, of course, the Red Carpet event with all the athletes and celebrities in attendance mingling around, snapping photos and speaking with the press. Johnson arrived to the Red Carpet and was in awe with how many well-known athletes were there that he had the opportunity to see and meet. One of the most famous Buckeyes was escorting Johnson throughout the event, Eddie George, the 1995 Heisman winner and former Ohio State Football star.

Eddie George & Miles Johnson hold the Capital One Cup (photo via @EddieGeorge2727)

“Meeting Eddie was a really cool moment. He’s a very personable guy and really listens to what you have to say, making you feel relevant,” Johnson said.

Kevin Durant, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Westbrook and Russell Wilson were some of the other athletes and celebrities that he met on the Red Carpet. Johnson expressed that the experience was “cool, yet intimidating” because of all the people he has watched over the years in their respected sports, now meeting them in person was incredible. So, I had to ask Johnson whom he was wearing on the Red Carpet and he informed me he wore a suit designed by Ted Barker, a designer in London.

After the Red Carpet, Johnson was escorted to his unexpectedly exclusive seating assignment. Johnson described his seat, “Everybody is somebody in that room, and I was sitting right with them,” Johnson said.

Halfway through the show a lady came and escorted Miles behind stage, which Johnson portrayed this was his favorite part, by far. He was able to see everyone preparing for what they were going to say on stage, as well as, the very well-known people just casually hanging out and talking amongst each other. The entire prep room was filled with famous actors and athletes. Prior to going on the stage, Johnson thought that he would have an insane amount of nerves, but it was the complete opposite. He wasn’t nervous whatsoever, just extremely thrilled because the atmosphere was so light and enthusiastic with all the encouraging people surrounding him. Johnson describes the once in a lifetime experience of being on stage receiving an award on the ESPYs stage, front and center, “When we finally walked out on stage all of the excitement rushed in at once. You just feel hundreds of eyes and cameras centered directly on your face and for some reason the temperature seemed to increase by 75 degrees. You kind of don’t know how to act when you’re up there, which looking back now I find it a bit humorous. It’s not really nerve racking just more awkward.” Johnson said.

The finale of Johnson’s ESPYs experience featured another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the invite-only ESPYs After Party. Johnson continued to see a plethora of celebrities and famous athletes everywhere he went, but especially at this part of the night. The party was located in a giant tent that had famed DJ’s playing throughout the evening and dancers hanging from silk ribbons attached to the ceiling. The night resembled everything he imagined a celebrity event would entail, and even more.

Not every Buckeye gets to take on this unreal experience, and Johnson expressed how grateful he was for the opportunity, by treasuring these unforgettable moments for the rest of his life.


Miles Johnson is a senior from San Diego, California, and is majoring in Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability. he is interning with Ohio State’s Sustainability Department on campus.

The Energy Services & Sustainability branch is where Johnson’s internship is located. Some of the sustainability goals for Ohio State include: building energy management, green building and construction, alternative transportation, and sustainable materials management. In the end, The Energy Services & Sustainability department wants to make Ohio State’s campus the most sustainable campus, to encourage schools all over.

Johnson’s day-to-day assignments and task for Sustainability will vary. He has been working on a sustainability communication plan for Athletics since the beginning of the internship, as well as performing building audits on Athletics facilities for their waste infrastructure. One of Johnson’s favorite experiences was his site visit to the Southeastern Correctional Complex to see how all of the trash that leaves Ohio Stadium during football game days gets sorted for Zero Waste initiatives. While we were there, we also got a tour of the facility’s DIY farmed fish operation. Johnson described this as a mind-blowing experience to see the behind the scenes work on how they truly clean up the stadium and where it goes after. When we were visiting the Southeastern Correctional Complex they were in the process of constructing an even bigger fish farm in order to sell fish to grocery stores in addition to their current buyer, the Columbus Zoo. There are so many details that go into creating a sustainable community and Johnson was fortunate enough to see how places like the Southeastern Correctional Complex keep Columbus “green.”

Throughout this summer, Johnson really enjoys the people he works with because everyone in the office has been super welcoming and friendly since Day One. Johnson voices how he has enjoyed being able to collaborate with various individuals during the creation of their Bucks Go Pro project regarding sustainability. Graham Oberly, a Sustainability Coordinator, is Johnson’s supervisor for the Bucks Go Pro internship. Johnson expresses all of the knowledge he has gained from working for Oberly, “He exercises so much patience and attention to my thousands of questions while still simultaneously completing all of his own work. He does a ton of work regarding sustainability in athletics, business and finance that should get a lot more attention than it currently does, because his work is extremely important for the future of Ohio State,” Johnson said.

Johnson has made a significant impact on the Ohio State’s men’s volleyball team since stepping on to campus back in his freshman season. During the first year, in 2014, Johnson played in all 27 matches and started 21 of them. Throughout his 2014 season Johnson led the team with 22 service aces and finished ranking 17th in the MIVA with .22 aces per set. In his 2015 sophomore season, Johnson was selected as an AVCA All-America honorable mention and a Second Team All-MIVA selection. Johnson was a key cog in his team winning the NCAA Championship in his junior and senior years, and earned NCAA tournament MVP honors as a junior. Johnson had 1,364 kills, 215 blocks and 565 digs throughout his four years. In the record books for Ohio State’s school history, Johnson finishes his career as a Buckeye ranked in the Top-5 for aces, attack attempts, points and kills.

The Ohio State journey might be soon wrapping up for Johnson, but he will bring the lessons he learned through his academic, athletics and specifically his Bucks Go Pro experience this summer. He reflects on the internship and what he hopes to bring with him in his future endeavors, “I hope to continually learn from Bucks Go Pro and my specific internship area for the remaining weeks. Sustainability has such a large breadth that gaining as much knowledge as you can now, will only benefit your understanding in the future and your success in different situations. I hope I can use this opportunity to sift out my passion within this field and start building my reputation around it,” Johnson said.