June 27, 2017

Humphrey Highlights | Courtney Clody


June 27, 2017

Courtney Clody is interning with the Recreation & Physical Activity Center (RPAC) for Bucks Go Pro. She is a rising junior on the women’s track & field team from Perrysburg, Ohio, and is majoring in marketing.

The RPAC is one of the newest trademarks of Ohio State’s campus, built in 2005. Ohio State students, faculty and staff are constantly filing in this extravagant building throughout every day to participate and experience physical activity and learn more about well-being. Some of the program and services provided at the RPAC include: intramural sports, personal training, aquatics, group fitness, indoor track and climbing.

Clody has been interning at the RPAC for almost four weeks now and has truly enjoyed working in the RPAC environment.

“The atmosphere is super friendly and welcoming. I’ve had really great conversations about my major, marketing, and professional development,” Clody expressed about what she has enjoyed working at the RPAC so far. Some of her daily assignments consist of working on and gathering information for a staff newsletter, a leadership activity toolkit and updating a database for Grad Assistant recruitment.

Matthew Altendorf, Clody’s supervisor, is a Student Staff Training and Development Coordinator at the RPAC. Altendorf has been excellent with providing significant and meaningful work for Clody that has allowed her to gain experience by being so involved. Altendorf has set up informational meetings for Clody with other staff members, whom have many similarities with Clody, throughout the RPAC offices.

The most exciting experience that Clody has had at the RPAC has been helping out and working on a “Leadership Activity Toolkit,” centered on socio-cultural conversations that will be used for employee training. This “Leadership Activity Toolkit,” is the first of its kind in a university setting. So, where better to begin this program than at The Ohio State University?

In the 2015 Outdoor season, Clody qualified to the Big Ten Championship and finished 14th with a time of 2:11.38 and was the runner-up in the 800 at the Buckeye Tune-up with a time of 2:10.02. At the Ohio Open, during the 2016 Outdoor season, Clody scored a personal best in the 1,500 meter run with a time of 4:39.06, finishing second. Also, in her 2016 Outdoor season, she ran a season-best 800 meter time of 2:14.74 at the Jesse Owens Classic.

Clody closes with her reflection on what she hopes to bring back to the track & field team, that she has learned from her experience so far with Bucks Go Pro and working at the RPAC, “I think the most applicable concepts so far that would translate into a sports setting would be the ideas talked about during ‘Identity Week.’ Knowing your personal values and who you are outside of your sport is something that is really personal to me given that I have had to deal with multiple injuries during every season here. So even though this week focused on everything BUT my sport, I want to emphasize the value of each woman on my team, regardless if she is able to contribute through her actual performance on the track, or outside of the track.”