July 6, 2017

Humphrey Highlights | Christian Lampasso


July 6, 2017

Christian Lampasso is interning with the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship this summer. He is a junior ice hockey Buckeye from Amherst, New York, and is majoring in industrial and systems engineering.

The Ohio State University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is located at the Fisher College of Business. The CIE has three goals for all its students:
• Prepare students for a new professional paradigm
• Partner with other students through research, training and innovative development
• Create new tactics to address problems of global dimension and be creative with dealing with business issues

Lampasso believes that the CIE gives students the knowledge and resources to pursue their entrepreneurial mindset. Working at CIE, Lampasso has found many opportunities and possibilities for his future career.

The daily routines for Lampasso have been talking and collaborating with Columbus’s top start-up companies, accelerators, and app developers to establish a curriculum for the students. This is Week Five for Lampasso and he has made substantial progress throughout the summer, including a resourceful and fascinating project he created for the CIE called App Day. Lampasso explains what App Day entails, “It will be a 4-5 hour workshop piloting in the fall for OSU students. Everyone has had an idea for an app at some point in their life, but has had no clue what to do with their idea. This workshop will give students the chance to see the steps that go into making a simple idea into a fully functional tech startup.”

One of Lampasso’s most intriguing experiences while working at the CIE was a morning which he ended up at a SMRT Columbus meeting and learning about the $40 million grant given to Columbus from the U.S. Department of Transportation. According to Lampasso, the city has some pretty unique plans to institute a growth in the economy by fostering sustainability and improving logistics from automated and eco-friendly cars. Experiences like this have been very rewarding for Lampasso, because they are real life opportunities that he is able to get hands-on familiarity with entrepreneurship in one of the most innovative cities in the world, Columbus.

Paul Reeder, the Executive Director at the CIE, is Lampasso’s supervisor for Bucks Go Pro. Lampasso reflects on his experience thus far with Reeder, “In my short time at CIE, he has been an unbelievable mentor in the world of entrepreneurship. From any idea can spark a chain of success, all you have to do is have the determination to complete your task. I casually told him about my idea the first time we met and now I have a meeting with an industry leader at the end of the month to pitch my idea. Paul has been an amazing resource and someone I strive to be like when I graduate.”

Lampasso is a forward for the men’s ice hockey team. He has completed three seasons, playing in 79 games, and will be an influential rising senior this next academic year. Lampasso has been a key player since his freshman year in 2014-15, and has recorded four goals and 18 assists in his career. In the 2016-2017 season, Lampasso finished with a plus/minus of +6, while playing in 25 games. When the Buckeyes played at Penn State this past year, Lampasso had an outstanding series with a goal and five blocked shots — good for a +3 mark.

Lampasso reveals what he hopes to bring back from his experience with Bucks Go Pro and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to his athletic career and post-athletic career, “Bucks Go Pro and working at CIE has shown me that once my athletic career is over, I can still use my tenacity and drive in other aspects of my life. This internship has prepared me for the different challenges I expect to see come graduation. Instead of attacking the world after athletics blind, I am confident I will be ready to succeed in anything I end up doing.”