November 18, 2016



Nov. 18, 2016

Eric Roth
Ohio State Athletics Communications

From the time Pat Elflein was growing up in Pickerington, Ohio, to where he is now as the starting center for Ohio State, he has always been humble. Elflein has been playing sports since he was just a boy. He was a 12-time varsity letterwinner in football, wrestling and track and field in high school. He is one of only four athletes ever to accomplish that at Pickerington North High School. Pat has been named first team All-Big Ten twice throughout his career and will likely go on to play in the NFL. Through all of his accomplishments as a player, Pat has remained as humble as someone can be.

“I feel like it comes from wanting to be the best,” Elflein said. “There is always someone out there that is going to be bigger, faster and stronger than you, and trying to chase that has kept me humble,” explained the senior center. “I’ve always been about chasing greatness and never being complacent with where I am at.”

Elflein was a three star recruit coming out of Pickerington North and didn’t have many big Division I offers. His dream was to play college football at Ohio State. It wasn’t until later in his senior season that Ohio State offered him a scholarship and he could not have been happier.

“As a kid in high school, I wanted to play in the Big Ten, play for Ohio State, and I didn’t get an offer until late and I saw other guys getting recruited to big schools and I wanted that,” Elflein acknowledged. “Wanting to be the best and being underrated helped me to get where I am today.”

Pat may be one of the most humble players on Ohio State’s football team but also may be the fiercest competitor on the team. Elflein gives all his effort on every single play. Pat has said that he gets his competitive edge from his brother, Matt.

“I got my competitive edge from my older brother Matt and he engraved this competitive edge in me when I was in seventh grade,” Elflein explained. “He was a junior in high school and played varsity football. He would always have me come over to varsity field and practice with them as a seventh and eighth grader. He got me into wrestling and he knew what it could do for football players, he got me into the weight room, and he would make me go with him. He taught me how to attack a workout, give everything you have, and that has just been engraved in me ever since and that’s how I approach everything to this day.”

Pat also credited his brother, Matt, in helping him most to get to where he is today. His brother has made a huge influence on his life as well his parents, Lisa and Kenneth.

“If I could thank one person it would be my brother Matt, who just taught me a great work ethic and attitude at a young age,” Elflein said. “He set the standard for me in how to approach anything competitive. My parents have always been a huge part of my life and my success. They are always there for me and are at every game.”

It has been Elflein’s dream since he was just a boy to play for The Ohio State Buckeyes. He grew up watching them as kid only 20 miles away in his living room. Being able to play for the Buckeyes means a lot to him. He claims he is living out the dream and couldn’t be happier to be a Buckeye.

“The best thing about playing for Ohio State is playing for your dream school and being a captain of your dream school,” Elflein acknowledged. “Being able to play in The Horseshoe every Saturday is living the dream. I’m literally living the dream.”