Oct. 18, 1999

Head Coach John Cooper

On Minnesota’s offense
“They run a one-back offense, really spreading out our defense. Billy Cockerham has done a great job this season running the offense, getting the ball to his receivers. Thomas Hamner also has done a great job as their running back.”

“We have not been a great tackling team. We made Penn State’s running back look great, because we couldn’t make the tackles. We will have to play better against Minnesota, because Hammer is such a great running back. We will have to stop him to win this game.”

On Minnesota’s defense
“They run a lot of man-to-man defense. Tyrone Carter is an outstanding player. I don’t think I have seen a defensive back make as many tackles in one game like I have seen him do this season. He is like Antoine Winfield. He has great instinct and is all over the field.”

On the Metrodome
“We are expecting their dome to be really rocking. With them doing so well this season, it will be loud.”

On head coach Glen Mason
“He is a great football coach. He has done a nice job, because they are getting better and better every year. He has done an outstanding job getting them ready this season and it shows with them beating Illinois and Northwestern.”

On the Ohio State offensive line
“We have relied on Steve Bellisari a little to much on running the offense. He is a sophomore trying to do a big job and I wish our offensive line could help him out a little bit more.”

On the special teams
“We blocked a couple field goals this week. Jason Ott was instrumental in that. I was happy with our special teams. They really worked hard this past weekend.

On the season
“I thought we would have more wins by now. I was really hoping by now that some of our guys would be playing better by now, really stepping up. This is disappointing. I am not used to losing.

Sr. Fullback Matt Keller

On Minnesota’s defense
“They’re going to put a lot of people up front. I’ve played against number 22 (Tyrone Carter) the last couple of years and they designated him as the hit man. He just stands there and looks to make hits.”

On the Ohio State offensive line
“I don’t think we are getting a lot of push up front. With a lot of teams that we play, they are putting a lot of people up in the box and that makes it tough. We’re going to see that this week too. Minnesota’s going to put a lot of people up front.”

On the offense as a whole
“I think we are going to have to do a better job of protecting Steve (Bellisari), and that comes from everyone, I mean that’s backs, lineman, everyone. Even the receivers have to really concentrate on when to break routes off. These are the little things that we haven’t done.”

“We just haven’t been consistent. Consistency is what we have lacked this whole year. It’s something that we need to get real, real soon.”

Sr. Cornerback Ahmed Plummer

On playing Minnesota
“This is another important week for us. It’s a must-win week for us to get back on the winning track.”

“They’re going to come into the game believing that they can win. It’s our job to take that from them in the beginning of the game. “

On Ohio State’s defense
“We have to improve in the tackling area as a defensive unit. I feel that we will. We can’t go game in and game out and tackle the way we do.”

On the season
“You really can’t begin to assess the season yet. After the season you might look back, but right now, when you’re in the midst of all these battles you just have to keep going and play every game as hard as you can.

Jr. Place kicker Dan Stultz

On playing Minnesota
“We’ve got a chance to go out and prove something this week and it’ll be a good opportunity for me and our team to go out there and show some people what we can do.”

“They have high hopes for this weekend. It’s going to be a great opportunity for them to play us on their home field. We have to go out there and take them out of it and take their crowd out of it and go out there and win the game.”

On his punting
“The main thing I’ve tried to concentrate on this season is consistency. I may not be leading the Big Ten in the punting average but I’m getting the job done and as long as I can do that people are going to be happy and that’s the main goal for me.”