October 25, 1999

Head Coach John Cooper
On Iowa’s offense

“Their quarterback, Scott Mullen, has done a great job along with their running back, Ladell Betts. Against Indiana, they threw the ball a lot, so we expect them to do the same and spread us out.”

On Iowa’s defense

“They have a big strong defensive unit and they play hard all four quarters. I give them a lot of credit, because they come out and never surrender.”

On Ohio State fans

“We need all the help we can get. This is a key game for us and I hope our crowd is very vocal especially during this game. When we travel to Iowa City for a game, it is a loud stadium. We want the same atmosphere here for homecoming.”

On Ohio State kicker Dan Stultz

“He has really bounced back. I am really happy for him, because he took a lot of shots from the media and even myself. But he hung in there and not only is he doing a great job kicking but also punting. It is great to see that success.”

On the Big Ten conference

“There is more balance in this conference than ever before. Upsets are going to happen when you have such solid teams in this conference. This is what college football is all about.”

On the Ohio State quarterbacks

“We hope that every week both quarterbacks come out and execute the game plan well. Steve Bellisari got a little excited and made some mistakes early against Minnesota. He made some bad checks, so we made the decision to go with Austin Moherman. Austin really did a nice job and also calmed Steve down.”

On the team’s confidence

“We have a lot of young players this season. Any time you can make big plays in a hostile environment that is really going to help our team’s confidence. This will really help the young guys to see that they can play well. They are improving and really maturing.”

On the Ohio State offensive line

“The offensive line had their best game particularly in the second half. We made some adjustments during halftime and ran the ball better. We knew we had to wake up to win this game. We are not used to that, but our players came together and really worked to get the win over Minnesota. That was especially true with our offensive line.”

Sr. Cornerback Ahmed Plummer

“The Big Ten is a very even conference. There is not much of a difference between the bottom of the conference to the top teams. When you have teams beating other teams in the conference you are not going to have teams in the top ten when they have two conference losses. But I think that shows how strong this conference is and how strongly competitive it is.”

“As a secondary player I want them to throw and make the big plays. But I think they will mix it up and also add in the run. We have to be ready for both. Playing in this conference you come to realize that if you are not ready, you can easily lose. No one expected Illinois to come back and beat Michigan. You have to expect the unexpected and make the adjustments to win.”

“We are fighting every week. We want to be playing in a bowl game, but we also have to win every game from now on. You can not underestimate anyone.”

“This team is not young anymore. We have played for eight weeks, so now everyone knows what we have to do. We should not be making the same mental mistakes that was made in the first few game. I think we understand that and are coming together as a team finally.”

So. Quarterback Steve Bellisari

“The offense needed something else when they took me out. I don’t think I needed to be calmed down, but that was the decision the coaches made. I probably was not playing the best I could and Austin came in and did a good job.”

“I am learning something every week. When I make a mistake, I know not to do that again. I am learning when I am on the field. The game situation is completely different from watching a game tape. Hopefully it will all come together soon.”

Jr. Place kicker Dan Stultz

“After the Cincinnati game, I really started to feel the turn for the better. I really concentrated on only a couple things and not getting myself worked up about the crowd or the kick itself. I think I have really improved in that area and strive to help my team every time I am on the field.”

“You have to play a punt a different way every time. Especially when you are in the end zone. Everything is different then, but I mentally prepare myself for those tough situations. What I always do though with every kick is concentrate on being consistent. I want to do a good job and my punting average may not be the best in the conference, but I am getting the job done and keeping the coaches happy.”