February 28, 2022

Hayashi Completes Winter Cup Competition



COLUMBUS, Ohio – Junior all-arounder Kazuki Hayashi competed at the Winter Cup in Frisco, Texas this past weekend.

On Friday, Hayashi has his best showing on vault as he scored a career-high 14.600. On Sunday evening, Hayashi competed on floor, vault, parallel bars and high bar. Vault was again Hayashi’s best showing as he added a score of 13.750 for a two-score total of 28.350, finishing in the top 10 of the competition. On floor, his two scores combined to 25.350, while he totaled 26.000 on parallel bars and 24.600 on high bar. Hayashi tied his career-high 13.350 on high bar on day two.

What They Said

Junior Kazuki Hayashi: “This past weekend has been a great learning experience that I was glad to be able to share with Coach Rustam. I’m ready to keep working so I can be ready with the team for postseason!”

Up Next

The Buckeyes travel to No. 7 Penn State on Saturday. The meet is scheduled for 2 p.m.