Varsity O Loyalty Award

Varsity O Loyalty Award: The Loyalty Award pays tribute and recognition to those individuals who, over the course of their lifetime, were extraordinary in their service to Varsity “O” and/or the OSU athletic department.

The Varsity O Loyalty Award Recipients are:

  • Lou Fisher
  • Dr. William D. Heintz
  • Dr. Chalmer Hixon
  • Marv Homan
  • Sol Maggied
  • Frank “Moose” Machinsky
  • Robert Ries
  • Alex Schoenbaum
  • Ralph Waldo
  • Larry Romanoff
Loyalty Awards
John Bricker (1978)
Lou Fisher (date unknown)
William D. Heintz (date unknown)
Dr. Chalmer Hixson (2000)
Marv Homan (1998)
Saul Maggied (1988)
Robert Ries (date unknown)
Alex Schoenbaum (date unknown)
Ralph Waldo (1989)