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 The last time the women’s team reached the Sweet Sixteen was in 2005
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Brenda (Lewis Center) – You go girls—we’re with you all the way. You’re a great team to watch and we are greedy, we want to watch some more.

GEORGE & CAROLYN (Worthington) – We know you can do it!! We have watched you improve all year. Last week-end was AWESOME — GO BUCKS

Rylee (Gahanna) – Good Luck!!! Keep that teamwork going and you’ll make it to St. Louis!! And just keep thinking,” make the rebound and the shot.”

Matt (Pittsburgh) – Go Bucks! Your teamwork is the key to your great year! Keep that focus! Show the nation who is #1!

Anthony (Bowling Green) – Buckeye pride from throughout the country is with you all the way. Have faith in yourselves, as we do, an bring this regional title home. Go Bucks!!!

Rocketmom (Anna) – Dream … Believe … Achieve!!! Good Luck to all the Lady Buckeyes from the whole Anna Rocket Nation!!!

Deanna (Westerville) – Good luck and have fun! We will be yelling for you from Ohio.


Pat & J.R. (Columbus) – We will be watching and pulling for you. You’ve had a great year and you can make it to St. Louis concentrating on one game at a time.

Jonathan (Indianapolis) – Hey just wanted to say good luck win or lose you guys to mean are the ncaa womens champions. just beleive in yourselves

Kory (Bellevue) – Good luck ladies i know the games going to be late but im staying up for all of it. I know you can make it to St. Louis.

Rachel (Vanlue) – GOOD LUCK !!!

Bob (Columbus) – good luck hopefully 1 ohio state basketball team will win it all!


Verna (Heath) – Girls you are a strong team with a special bond that will put you on top. Focus and come away with a win. You can do it.

TinaMarie (Columbus) – Lady Buckeyes, you go ladies. GO BUCKS!!!!!!

Catie (Columbus) – Good luck tomorrow night ! Bring back a victory!

Elizabeth (Memphis, TN) – GOOD LUCK and GO BUCKS!!! O H I O Rules from coast to coast!!

Tracy (Sunbury) – My daughter Jesse is a Girl Scout who came to your clinic last year — She says “You Rock! Go Bucks!!”

Laura (Lansing, MI) – Good Luck and blow their socks off! Make us proud. You have had such a great season, so be proud.

Tony (Grove City) – You’ve done Columbus proud! Go bucks… O H I O!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a great season.

Denise (Grove City) – Knock them dead! Aim for the sky…you gals are doing great!

Karen (Canal Winchester) – Best of Luck! You Go, Girls!!!

Cheryl (Galena) – Go Lady Bucks..Kick Butts…Good Luck

Jo (Lima) – Go Lady Bucks. Best of luck as you take on Stanford on Saturday. Would rather be there to cheer you on personally, but I will be staying up to watch and cheer you on from my living room. You are always NO. 1 in my book. Give it you ALL and you will always be champs.

Rick (Columbus) – Believe in yourselfs, believe in your team, trust your team mates, be unselfish and leave it all on the court! This your year if you believe! As you may see the underlying message is stay positive! Positive energy brings positive results! Go Bucks! This is your time!

Karen (Columubs) – Have fun and beat Stanford!

Lucy, Kylie, Rose and Angie (Dublin) – Fantastic job so far this season. Keep playing with outstanding intensity on both offense and defense. We know as a team you can go along way. We have enjoyed being at all your home games this season including the two games at Nationwide. Wish we could be with you in Berkley. Have fun and know the Buckeye pride is with you always.


Viki (Blacklick) – I love you girls!! I know you will kick butt in Cali!!! Go Lil Sammy!!! You are an AWESOME player!

Pamela (Hilliard) – Good Luck Lady Buckeyes , in the Sweet Sixteen , on your way to the final Four. OH IO Pam in Hilliard Ohio

Barb (Columbus) – We know you all have sacrificed, determination, commitment, toughness,heart, talent, and guts. It is so great to see women who enjoy the game and remember at the same time they are part of a great tradition! Go Bucks!

Ginny (Marion) – Good Luck in the tournament in California. I have really enjoyed watching you play at the Schott and at Nationwide Arena!!!!!

Regina (Bellefontaine) – Way To Go Lady Buckeyes!!! Keep up the great work, and we’ll be cheering you on!!!!

Josh (Blacklick) – Congrats ladies! You have been terrific all season, and it was exciting to see you do so well last weekend! I have high hopes for you this weekend, and wish you the best of luck in California representing The Ohio State University! We believe in you! GO BUCKEYES!!!

Buckeye Bill (Saint Paul, MN) – You go Girls!!!

Bonnie (Galloway) – I love the energy and the fire you Lady’s have been bringing to the court this season! Obviously this is a big game against Stanford and I believe you all have the talent and the desire necessary to win on Saturday night. Everybody bring your A game and remember a lot of us back here in Ohio will be screaming in our living rooms to support your success. GO BUCKS!!!

Tracey (Columbus) – Hey Girls! OSU is so proud and excited to have a team with so much talent and heart! The students stand behind you 100% and can’t wait to cheer you all the way till the finals!! Good luck and Go BUCKS!

Lauren (Columbus) – Hey Lady Buckeyes! As just one of the thousands of OSU students, I would just like to say how awesome it is that you guys have made it this far. You are such a hard working and dedicated group of people and have represented the university in the best possible way. Know that all of us back in Columbus will be tuning into your game and rooting you on. GO BUCKS!

Dean (Castle Rock, CO) – Go Lady Buckeyes! Beat Stanford!

John (Columbus) – Good Luck ladies! We are all so proud of you!

Bob (Canal Winchester) – Defense and rebounding will be paramount against Stanford. You have the talent to beat anyone in the turnament. You have provided your fans with much fun this season. Sorry we cannot be withy you in Berkley, but we will be rooting for you all the way. Kick butts!!!

Grayce (Columbus) – I have been watching women’s Basketball at Ohio State since they played in Pomerene Hall……and this is the most exciting team ever!!! I love how you play, so good luck and have fun as you take on Tara and the Cardinal!!!

Angie (Westerville) – In the memorable quote from “The Waterboy”…”YOU CAN DO IT”

Michael (Westerville) – Great job this season and keep playing with outstanding intensity. My daughter and I enjoyed being at all your home games and see the caring and friendships that a TRUE team fosters. Good Luck!!!!

Nicholas (Reynoldsburg) – GOOD LUCK BUCKS!!! BEAT THE CARDINALS!!!

Maxwell Cook (Hudson) – hope you get the 30th win of the season and best of wish from Hudson home of the Explorers.

Terrie & Jeff (Columbus) – Congratulations Girls!!!! Good luck in CA- We know you can do it- just stay focused (& sick Prehalis on them) 🙂

Wyman & Fran (Columbus) – A couple of season ticket holders and a Rebounders member say, GO BUCKS, HAMMER THE CARDINALS!!

Alex (Oakhill) – Come on lets have a great season go O-H-I-O yea U RULE

Judith (Pickerington)– Best of luck against Stanford. Keep working hard and sacrificing together. You’ve got the collective ability to win!

Christopher (Indianapolis) – Lady Buckeyes you have made BUCKEYES worldwide very proud!!KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.BEAT THE cardinal.

Jenn (Columbus) – Alright, way to go Buckeyes! Congrats to all the players and coach Foster. You girls played great against Mississippi State. Good luck against Stanford, you girls got it!

Danielle (Commack) – Lets go Bucks!

June (Columbus) – If #3Villanova can beat #2Duke, then #3Ohio State can beat #2Stanford. Wish the Rebounder’s bus was on it’s way to Berkeley. Must wear my red OSU nightgown and cheer you to victory here at home. Star and Ashley, don’t let this be your last game. GO BUCKS “It’s Saturday Night!!!”

Kelsey (Columbus)– Goooooo Buckeyes! We’ll be watching Saturday night … er Sunday morning!

Leslie (Columbus)– Go Bucks!

Pat (Zanesville) – good luck go bucks

Marcus (North Royalton) – I’ve been a fan since the Tacey Hall days, and you are the most exciting team since. You can beat any team in the country! Go get em.

Steve (Marysville) – It has been a true joy watching you plau this year. Keep the passion and love for the game and for your team mates. Thank you for allowing my wife and I to be a part of it.

Don (Marion) – We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Enough said now go catch a Cardinal. GO BUCKS

Kate & Megan (Columbus) – Good luck ladies. We will be rooting for you!!!

Kathy (Mansfield) – Go get ’em Bucks! We need a winner, and I know you girls will do it. I’ve enjoyed watching you all season, whether it be in person or on TV. My daughter is a huge fan & you give her hope that she can play as well as all of you some day.

Carol (Columbus) – Have a wonderful time, and games, in Berzerkley!

Dave (Powell) – GOOD LUCK LADIES!!! Play hard and continue to make Buckeye Fans proud. Let’s get to the Final Four! OH – IO

sue (Atlanta, Ga) – Go Bucks”…..after watching you, throughout most of your season, I ‘m proud of your talent, enthusiasm & perserverence….Starr & Ashlee, we’ll miss you…..Good Luck & God Bless,;ve made us proud!!

Doug & Suzanne (Columbus) – We are so proud of you and your accomplishments already! It’s wonderful to see the way you care for each other as a team. Enjoy each other and the tournament experience – keep that fight and fire. It has been great fun cheering for you all season and we’ll be cheering as loud as we can for yet another Buckeye victory. Good luck and GO BUCKS, BEAT STANFORD!!

charlie (New Concord) – U women are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maura (New Concord) – You are awesome!! Good luck! Be tough and beat the Cardinals!!

Terry (Columbus) – We’re proud of you! Give it all you’ve got!

Teresa (Hilliard) – Go Bucks!!! I will be cheering you on from Hilliard. Good luck in California!

Beth (Newark) – Go get ’em Buckeyes! We’ll be cheering for all of you!

Sandy (Ashville) – Go Lady Buckeyes! We are behind you 100%! GOOD LUCK!

Debbie (Reynoldsburg) – Go Bucks, Best of Luck In Berkley, Lets show them how to play basketball. This is just another speed bump on the way to the Final Four, I will see you in Missouri GO BUCKS, BEAT STANFORD

Jeffrey (Columbus) – I’m sorry to say that I cannot stay up that late (our time) to watch your game on TV, but, when I go to bed, I will be saying my prayers that you can play to the best of your ability and can give us all here something for which to be very thankful on Sunday morning.


Chad (Ottawa) – Ladies you have been a lot of fun to watch this year! Keep the season rolling right into the Final 4! Enjoy the atmospere of a deep tourney run and take it to the Cardinals! Go Luck! Go Bucks!


Amanda (Columbus) – I wish I was there!! i will be watching you with great excitement, you should be able to hear me!! We are proud of you. GO BUCKS

Rhonda (Zanesville) – Go all the Way Lady Buckeyes

sue (columbus) – go buckeyes beat the cardinals!!!!!!

Vince (Gahanna) – You are definitely a final four team. Take care of business in California.

Natalie (Fairborn) – GO LADY BUCKS

Brian (Baltimore) – I have served in the Air Force for 21 years and I am currently in Afghanistan. It is always good to hear great news from home on how the Buckeyes are playing! In ANY sport! Play hard, stay focused and good luck in the Tourney! Keep making us proud! Go Bucks

William (Pataskala) – GO BUCKS!!!

Doug (Columbus) – Thanks for a great season good luck in the game but will see you in the championship game! You can do it!!! “OH…IO” Go Lady Buckeyes!!!

Ron & Marcia (Naperville IL) – Thanks for a Great Season. Good luck in California

michele (Grove city) – Go Ladies! “U CAN!”

Mary (Circleville) – Bring it to ‘um ladies!!! If YOU believe in YOU as much as WE believe in you, then you can’t be stopped !!! GO BUCKS!!!!

Patty-ann (Zanesville) – God Bless all of you, Go Bucks beat the Cardinals!!!

Johanna (Columbus) – God has showed you favor this year I hope he continues to keep you favored. Go Bucks!

Alice (Gahanna) – The Entire Staff of Doctors Hospital is rooting for you Go Buckeyes!

Dan, Lisa & Mackenzie (Maria Stein) – Go BUCKS!!!!!! Good luck and we will be watching you beat the Cardinals!!!!

Tina & Bob Morrison (Continental) – GOOD LUCK LADY BUCKEYES!! GO BUCKS!! WE WILL BE WATCHING!!

Donna and Larry (Powell) – Best of Luck Lady Buckeyes!-We have supported you every game and brought our 5 grandchildren to watch the NCAA games over their spring break! we are thrilled for you all- Beat those Cardinals!

Misty (Columbus) – Hey Girls! Good Luck in California….KICK STANFORD’S BUTT! Stay focused and run the floor on them. This is our time to shine! I’m proud of how you guys have played all year and really developed as a team. We love watching you and are there for every home game. Thank you for a wonderful season. Star and Ashlee…thank you and good luck after graduation!

Kecia (Grove City) – Congratulations! Good Luck! Beat Stanford!!

timothy (sandusky) – 1 st time to value arena you girls rocked my daughter and I had a great time Good Luck in Cali Girls.

Brett (Columbus) – Best of luck Lady Bucks!!! Have a safe trip out west and I look forward to celebrating a Buckeye victory.

Emily (Lewis Center) – WOOOO!!!!!!! Good luck ladies!!!!!!! I believe in you guys!!!!!! All of you guys are my heroes!!!!!!!! Beat Stanford!!!!!!!

Bob (Cleveland) – Where the uniform proudly and bring home a victory

Dick & Carolyn (Dublin) – Give it your best Ladies. Carolyn has a cousin thats going to be there pulling for Stanford. She would love to be able to call and tell her cousin that she’s sorry her team lost.

Roger (Columbus) – Great Season! The best is yet to come! Intensity,team work, defense and rebounding will get you to the final 4. See you in St. Louis

Annette (Zanesville) – I believe- you believe

jerry james (munoz science city, philippines) – Go Bucks!

Joan Goodin (Groveport) – You are a wonderful team, I have enjoyed every home game this year and wish you all the best in winning over Stanford.

larry (radnor) – as always hard work and hard play pays off. now is the time to have fun and beat those Cardinal’s. We are proud of your effort and continue to show your Buckeye Pride Go Bucks

Megan (Westerville) – Beat Stanford U can do it Cardinal vs Scarlet/Gray Keep your eye on the prize ESPN You girls rock Eleven thirty tip time St Louis here we come!!

Megan (Westerville) – Big ten champs! Under dogs rock Crush the Cardinal Keep your eyes on the prize Energetic Fans YOU are THE ohio state buckeyes Eat our nuts Sweet sixteen get ready for the BUCKEYES!

RODGER & JILL RIGGS (GRANVILLE) – Good luck against Stanford. Play tough defense and choose your shots. You WILL win!

George (Columbus) – We have had season tickets for many years and we have had more enjoyment watching this team than any other. Go Bucks beat Stanford.

Jean (Columbus) – Best Wishes and good luck in the Sweet Sixteen Peace Jean

Cole (Enon) – Good luck hope you win! Buckeye Up! Go Scarlet and Grey!!! O H I O !!!!

Dean (Dalton) – Lady Buckeyes, Any edge now is mental, you must truly BELIEVE you can win. I know you can, I Believe in you! GO BUCKS!!!! BEAT STANFORD!!!!

Michael (Columbus) – Good Luck Lady Bucks! I Know you can can do it….I am proud of you! GO BUCKS!

Jeanne (Dublin) – Good Luck Ladies!!! I believe in all of you and will make me proud no matter what happens. Have faith and your willpower will be great strength!!! Best of Luck!!!

Kyle (North Star) – I love the Bucks! The team had a great year….keep it going! O-H-I-O

Doug (Columbus) – GO BUCKS! Pluck the cardinal.We’re behind you all the way to the top.

Denis (Commack NY) – Best of luck to Sammy and all the Buckeyes players and coaches this weekend in Berkeley. You seem to have a great team spirit and it’s been a real pleasure to watch this season unfold – keep it going all the way to St. Louis!

Tabby (Columbus) – Leave it all on the floor! Wish I could be there to scream at the refs and keep them in check. I’ll be screaming at the tv! OH-IO!!

Alice (Columbus) – Saw you lasdt game! Great Job! Play your best! Remeber that you can do it! GO Bucks!

Toby, Leo, and Frankie (Columbus) – Good Luck Girls!

amanda (dublin) – You girls ROCK – keep the ball rolling on Saturday night. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Janet (Columbus) – We’ll be watching and cheering for you. GO BUCKS”

Heather (Dublin) – We are so proud of you women this year! It has been such a fun season to watch you really enjoy playing. Keep that spark and energy! Star and Ashley–we love you!

katharine (davis california) – you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK c u on saturday! GO BUKS!!!!!

Emily (Youngstown) – Good Luck Lady Buckeyes!! Keep playing the great basketball that you ladies are playing and you’ll be fine!! Can’t wait to watch and see how great you play, keep the pressure on ladies!! Let’s Go Bucks!!!

Brooke (columbus) – Hey guys! I just wanted to say that you guys are the best team ever, and that you were amazing at the NCAA tournament. I’ve been to a ton of your games, and i’m a huge fan(I also play basketball at my (middle school). Im really going to miss seeing Ashlee Trebilcock and Super Star Allen at the games next season, they are two of my favorite players. Good luck in California! I wish i could come and watch, but i live in Ohio and its a little too expensive. My friends and i will definitley be cheering for you through our tv! my friends are also really big fans of you guys too. Go Bucks!

Andy (Findlay) – Good Luck!!

Chris Stevens (columbus) – This is to my gurls GO BUCKS!!! Love yall good luck in the sweet sixteen good luck reecie from you old elementary school friend GOD BLESS!!!

J.A.Weittande (Columbus) – I’ve loved the Bucks my whole life. I’ve seen every single game this season and will be staying up ALL night to cheer on the ladies! Show the Cardinal you are ELITE!

Emai’ (Columbus) – Great season! We are proud of all of you.

Ron (Aurora, Colorado) – YOU GO GIRL(S)! From a Buckeye, transplanted to Denver! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doris (Columbus) – Good Luck Buckeye Ladies. I know you can win; just do it.

Karen (Grove City) – Keep up the good work and you have made us proud. We believe in you and know that you can do this. Go Bucks

Dave & Phyllis (Lewis Center) – Lady Bucks, We have followed the team for many years we know this team has the ability to go all the way!! GO LADY BUCKS! WE LOVE YOU!

Bev, Tim, and Anna (Rushville) – GOOD LUCK LADIES, YOU ARE FUN TO WATCH.

Chris (Columbus) – Great Job Ladies!!! Keep up the HUSTLE!!


Josh (Columbus) – Good luck Lady Buckeyes! You make us all so proud!

Johanna (Columbus) – I hope that God will continue to Bless you all with favor to end the year on a high note. God, keep, and Bless you All.

Patricia (Zanesville) – Go Bucks! Good Luck, and God Bless you All.

Marishka (Columbus) – Who needs luck when you have so much pluck? You’ve been a delightful team to follow. I thank you and wish you a win!

Marc (Alexandria, VA) – Heart of a Champion. Gooooo Bucks!!!!!!!

Kay (Columbus) – Ladies you played a dynamic game against MS. I enjoyed the energy, enthusiasm and emotion you demonstrated. Continue to play as ONE TEAM and smart. Be consistent and HOT, so your dream to reach the final four comes true! You are a GREAT TEAM and bring PRIDE to OH. BELIEVE and ACHIEVE!

Marsha (Columbus) – Hi have fun and have a good game. I am hoping that you win.

Tim, Shirley & Amy (Orient) – Go Lady Bucks! Make us proud! We have so enjoyed watching you play with such spark that we yell even when we watch you at home! You represent the Buckeye Nation well! Best Wishes on your continued success on the journey to the big dance! GO BUCKS!!!! O-H-I-O Lady Bucks!

Bruce (Galena) – Your fans are so very proud of your accomplishments this year. Take care of Stanford on your way to meeting the Huskies for your National Title !! Seeyah in St. Louis !

Lori (Grove City) – Good luck lady’s! I’ve been following you all year, and though I can’t travel to Berkeley, I’ll be cheering you on. Enjoy the ride and GO BUCKS!


Maryann (london) – Good luck buckeyes.I know you girls can win.Beat those Cardinals.Lets go bucks.

Sandy (Bexley) – Good Luck Girls! I wish you well as you continue your wonderful season. Make us proud!

Steve (Columbus) – Good Luck, I be staying up late cheering all of you ladys on. Play Hard !

Irene (Westerville) – We have loved the Lady Bucks for years but this season has been extra special. You go girls, we will be cheering for you all the way. Irene and John from Westerville

Jeff (Columbus ) – You ladies are doing a great job of representing the buckeye. Winning with class as you always have. Wishing you well in the coming weeks

Paul (Columbus) – Go Bucks and beat the Stanford Cardinals and continue on to the Elite Eight.Best wishes. Paul Willer President of the OSU Womens Rebounders Club.

Jordyn & Brent (Newark) – We wish we were your Ball Kids There! We know you are going to win! Go Bucks!

Lou (Columbus) – I am so guilty that I have not followed you all season! But, after another absolutley great season, I will get on board. Your victory over Miss. SU was so well played and briliantly coached! You are already winners! Next year, I will be a season ticket holder!

Tom (Mt. Gilead) – We watched you play at Nationwide and will cheer you on against the Cardinals. Go Lady Buckeyes! on to the elite 8.

Tom (Newark) – Dear Oh so special Ladies, All our best to you as you take on the Cardinal. Show Coach Vanderveer that there is still great hoop in Buckeye Land. If MSU can beat Duke you can beat Stanford. I am so proud of how you have come together this season and look forward to more games this year and future greatness. Best of luck! Tom

Renee (Westerillve) – Keep that defensive pressure going and show those naysayers OSU and the Big Ten are for real —- BEST OF LUCK TO THE PLAYERS AND COACHES — GO BUCKS!!

Phil (Port Orange, FL) – luck favors the prepared hand. good luck and go bucks

Joyce (Grove City) – GO BUCKS! Show them what OSU is all about and let’s WIN the NCAA Championship. GO BUCKS!

Maryann (London) – Go grt them girls.I know you can do it.Take a big breath and go for it.You have to belive in your self.Everyone in OHIO belives in you and very proud of you.You go out a play like the team everyone knows you can do it.Go bucks Beat cardinals.Anything happens your # 1 in my eyes.Be safe out there and god bless.Let’s bring home a victory. LET’S GO BUCKS O H I O

Katelyn (Canton) – Good luck Ladies!!! Bring the title home!!

Samantha (Zanesville) – Good Luck Buckeyes! Hope you win. You played awesome this week. I’m 11 years old and I hope to play Buckeye Basketball just like you. Your Fan, Samantha

Dit (Marion) – Run, shoot, guard, rebound- Score more for a victory! Go get ’em—Go Bucks!

Ed & Rose (Delaware) – Play your game like you can and punch out Stanford! We will see you in St. Louis.

Sam & Judy (Bucyrus) – “Go Bucks” – We’ll be there in spirit to cheer you on.

Beth (Lancaster) – Go Buckeyes, Beat Stanford! Let’s go Bucks…

Ms. Carolyn and Keristin Jones (Columbus) – Special Shout out to the Lady Bucks and a special Shout out to Star Allen. Do what you do Lady Buckeyes and that’s play the game of basketball. Take charge and let them know this is how is down in the Big O. Good Luck Lady Buckeyes!!!!

Jim (Worthington) – We’ll be sending you good vibes across the country. Relish the sweetness of being one of the final sixteen and then do what it takes to taste the sensations of eliteness and finality. Go, Bucks!

Marty (Columbus) – This has been a great season. As a season ticket holder, I have been at every home game to watch as you have grown and excelled throughout the year. You are at your peak and I know you can bring home another victory. Good Luck. I will be watching every play Saturday night and yelling as if I were there. GO BUCKS!!!!!

Erin (Columbus) – Play well! Teach Stanford a lesson for their rude hosting two years ago.

David (Richardson, TX) – Go Bucks beat the cardinal

Martha & Bill (Gahanna) – We’re rooting for you and KNOW you can do it! Go Bucks!

DeeDee (Columbus) – Congratulations to you all for making it to the Sweet Sixteen. That is a wonderful honor and I know you guys have the drive and ability to take it all. Represent OSU to the fullest!! Good Luck and Go Bucks!!!!

Ron (Newark) – Best of luck in the Sweet Sixteen! Have followed you all season, and was with you at Nationwide. Beat Stanford and then Good Luck in the Elite Eight. GO BUCKS!!!!

Steve & Paula (German Village Columbus) – Get by Stanford! And then the next!! We’ll see you in St.Louis!!! Good luck.

Mark (Columbus) – This is wishing you ladies the best of luck with Stanford in the tournament.I am hating its the last game for Star Aleen since she played her High School ball with me at Columbus Independence.She is a special lady as all of you young ladies are.Good Luck

Rowan (Licking County) – Every one of you have inspired this season ticket holder with your determination, talent, and love of the game. Carry those with you when you step onto the court at Haas Pavilion and the game will take care of itself. I’ll be staying up late for the game! GO BUCKS! BEAT STANFORD!


Lynette (Gahanna) – Best Wishes to all of you. We have enjoyed watching you play and know that you will give it your all. Go Bucks!

Aaron (Shelbyville, IN) – Came to town for the Miss St game. Great game and atmosphere! Hope the shouting fired you guys up!

Eileen (Columbus) – Good luck in California. I already have my tickets to the Final Four. Hope to see you all there – playing!

John (Columbus) – I wish I could be in Berkeley with you. Stay focused, play hard, TEAM all the way. I love you all! Oh yeah…. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

Daboss (South Charleston) – Ladies, you’ve worked long and hard to get this close to being #1. You know how much you’ve given up to finally get in position to win it all. Play this game like it’s the last game you’ll ever play! You deserve to be on top. Good luck!!!

Beth (Cheraw, SC) – Pulling for THE BUCKEYES from the Palmetto State! GO BUCKS!!

Kiara (Columbus) – Hey guys!! Good luck against stanford. I know you guys will do well!! You guys are #1in my rankings!! No matter what happens, win or lose I will always love you guys and always be your biggest fan!!!!

Eric (Columbus) – My wife & I attended the 2 regional games this past weekend and they were truly inspiring!! The game Monday night was the most intense game I’ve ever seen, and we couldn’t be more proud of the team! Now go out there to California and make Tara Vanderveer sorry sher ever left OSU! GO BUCKS!!!

Karen (Columbus) – GO LADY BUCKS!!!!!!! PLAY HARD, BUT HAVE FUN!

Amy (Portland) – fight Ohio go for the goldf!!!!!!!!!!! beat Louisville !:):):) i love Ohio state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth (Columbus) – Lady Buckeyes You Can Do It! The last couple of games you have shown that you are a great “team” – with different players stepping up and making contributions and a difference. And when Stanford hangs tough just remember the sound of the crowd in Nationwide Arena Monday night and know that if you “believe” you will be able to hear all of us back in Columbus cheering you on! GO BUCKS!!!!!!

Sallie (Naples) – Go Buckeyes, You can go all the way! I know it and I’m cheering for you all the way from Naples, Florida. Go Bucks!

Steve (Columbus) – Congratulations on a terrific season! You’ve treated us fans to many great moments, none better than at Nationwide Monday night. Keep up the great work.

Raylene (Reynoldsburg) – If you play the kind of defense you did Monday, Stanford doesn’t have a chance. Go Bucks!

Karen (Westerville) – I want the Lady Buckeyes to know how proud everyone is of them and how they represent our University and our State. Play your game and beat those pesky Cardinals!!! Go Bucks!!!!

Elvera (Westerville) – god bless you all GO TEAm GO ILOVE you all, be the CHAMPIONS of womens basketll, allthe way ladies.

Ron (Kettering) – Good Luck Ladies Buckeyes GO BUCKEYES


Mary Ellen (Columbus) – Still trying to talk my boss into letting me off to go to Berkeley this weekend. But, “GOOD LUCK” anyway. Hope to be with you out West.

OSUMC IT (Columbus) – Good Luck and Go Bucks !!!! – Sammie kick some butt.

Joan & Jim (Bucyrus) – Good Luck We are so proud to have you girls playing for Ohio State University.We wish you only the BEST. Just wish we could be there to give you the noise that you got Monday night.

Lora (Pickerington) – It’s been a great season — let’s keep it going. GO LADY BUCKEYES!!!!

Amy (Columbus) – GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! I KNOW you can beat the Cardinals. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!

Betty (Gahanna) – You guys are doing great. I have enjoyed following you all season and plan to watch the game Saturday night, even though that is pretty much past my bed time.

Tracie (Zanesville) – Good luck!!!! Congrats on Sweet 16…keep it up and go all the way!!!!!!!!!! We love our Lady Bucks!!!!!!!!!!

Dave (New Bremen) – Great season Bucks! Keep it going in California.

New Bremen Lady Cardinals (New Bremen) – Great season Bucks! Keep it going in California.

Marcia (Westerville) – Good luck. Beat Stanford. I’ll be cheering you on to victory

Brandon Poturica (Tinker AFB, OK) – Good Luck Lady Buckeyes. Win or Lose Ladys put everything you have out on that floor. Thank you for a great season. GO BUCKEYES

Rick (Dublin) – Bucks! Good Luck Buckeyes! Show those Stanford Cardinals How to Win! Hope you’re able to WIN!

Julie & the OSU women’s tennis team (Columbus) – Good Luck, Bucks! Keep fighting hard and bleeding scarlet and gray! Way to Represent 🙂

Jane (German Village) – Good luck, Buckeyes! We’re so proud of you as basketball players and as Ohio State students. We’ll be cheering you on from Columbus.

Logan (Mt. Sterling) – Hey guys, what’s up? Well I just wanted to wish you guys luck for this Saturday!!! I know you guys are playing a tough team but make sure to stay positive and try your hardest!!! Don’t get down on yourself if you mess up on something!!! I wish I could be there to root you guys on!!! ” GOOD LUCK!!!”

Peggy (Marysville) – Keep up the great work. Wishing for a win….!!!

Jen (Columbus) – a season ticket holder and have been there for all the games so you know I will be cheering… Go Bucks!!!

Marty (Grove City) – Hey Ladies Play hard and stay focused. I have been to all the home games this season and I know you can do it. Show up with your heads and your hearts. GO TEAM.

Rita (Pataskala) – Good Luck Ladies. You can do it. Just stay focused and play hard. You are as good as any team in the tournament. Wish I could be there, but I will cheer you on from home. GO BUCKS!!!!!


Mark (New Lebanon) – The Best of Luck! We’ll be watching. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynda (Gahanna) – YOU ALL ROCK!! Very powerful team. You are a strong team. Wishing you the very best in Stanford this weekend!! GOOOO BUCKS!!!

Megan (Columbus) – This is your year!! Congratulations on the great season, and enjoy Saturday!!

Vic (Tuskegee, AL) – To cousin Jantel Lavender and the whole Buckeye team. Great luck in the upcoming games and hopes for victories down the stretch. We are all so very proud of you all. BEAT STANFORD!!!

Allie (Newcomerstown) – Go OHIO STATE! Beat those Stanford Cardinals!!!! Good Luck #00 & #21!

Anita (Columbus) – Good Luck…we are very proud of the success you have achieved this year! GO BUCKS!

Mark (Findlay) – Best of luck Ladies. Show them what Big Ten basketball is all about!!!

Dan (Columbus) – None of us could be any prouder of you all! You have grown so much this season. Now is the time to play your hearts out and enjoy every moment. We love you all. The Loud Old Guy in 124 Row E.

Jerrie (Delaware) – As a season ticket holder, I was upset that I’d miss your two “home games” at Nationwide because of a conference in Vegas (too bad!!). I’m glad you’re going to Berkeley to show Stanford and past OSU coach, Tara Van Deveer who RULES!!! Good luck. Hit the rim every chance you get!

Donna (Westerville) – We have followed the Team all year. Been at every home game and rooted for you also on the away games. Our thoughts & prayers are with you on Sat. & hope you can bring home a WIN! Go BUCKS!

Donna (Hilliard) – Hey girls, I’m a rapid fan, and I do mean foaming at the mouth excited about the way you’ve been playing. I will be sending positive, high charged energy your way the entire game. Go Bucks!!

Mimi (Westerville) – Wishing you all the best in your Final 4 run. Grab those rebounds and get those baskets and show the world how great you are. GO BUCKS! Beat Stanford!

Dawn (Lewis Center) – Best wishes on a great game and a ‘W’ out in Berkeley!!! Stay strong on defense and don’t be intimidated! Have fun!! I’ve really enjoyed watching the team this year! Congratulations to all of you, especially the seniors!

Becky (Columbus) – Let’s go Bucks!! You’ve got the heart!

Rita (Columbus) – Best Wishes Ladies – we know you can do it !

George (Sunbury) – Play like you have been, stay out of foul trouble, and most of all have fun on the court. Those three ingredients will lead to a national championship. Go Bucks!!!!!!!!

Brenda & Steve (Upper Arlington) – We love watching you all play and look forward to another win on Saturday!

Julie (Savannah, GA) – Best of luck to a great group of ladies who deserve a Sweet 16- Go Bucks!

Eric (Columbus) – Never Can Ask Again(NCAA) for a wonderful opportunity like the sweet 16. You are champions so go out there and play like it. Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney (East Grand Rapids, MI) – I just wanted to wish you gals Good Luck. GO BUCKS!!!

Chris (Concord, NC) – Way to go, girls. Play hard and win this thing!

Bob (Westerville) – Good Luck. I have enjoyed following your successful season all year. Go Bucks and remember: “All it takes is all you got”


Dave and Carrie (Clintonville) – Great job! Good luck, we’re proud of you!

Sue (Columbus) – Good Luck girls. It has been so much fun to watch you girls play basketball. I am looking forward to the game on Saturday night. Will be watching no matter what. I sure wish I could be there. Sue

Gary (Columbus) – You guys rock! You’re way more talented than those Standford girls.

Matt (Pickerington) – Turn the “Cardinal” SCARLET! GO BUCKS!

Bea (Reynoldsburg) – Ohio Lady Buckeyes, Wishing you much success, get those rebounds on both ends, and have fun. You have a great team!!! God bless you and keep you safe. GO BUCKS!

Crysta (Cleveland) – I wish you ladies the best of luck!!! I truly wish I could be there with you. But I will see you in St. Louis ~ GO BUCKS!!!!!!

Lisa (Columbus) – Way to go Lady Bucks! Good Luck vs. Stanford….you can do it! Elite 8 here we come! Looking forward to seeing you in St.Louis for the Final Four!

Tiffany & Jackie (Toledo) – My sister and I love women’s basketball and Ohio State. Go OSU Lady Buckeyes!!!

Jane and Gary (Columbus) – You are all oustanding players and the team is high energy. You have what it takes to go all the way! GOOD LUCK & GO BUCKS!

Jennifer (Columbus) – Crush the Cardinals! GO BUCKEYES!!

Carolyn (Blacklick) – Lady Bucks, Before the game, Keep your strength up to overcome the jet lag. During the game, hang tough on defense; no turnovers and hit those baskets! You can do it! Go Buckeyes!!

Margie (Worthington) – Good Luck – thanks for all your hard work representing Ohio State! We’ll be cheering for you!

Derek & Sally (Columbus) – We will be staying up LATE to watch your sweet victory. Go Ladies WHIP em.

Christy (Chandlersville) – Good Luck & Congrats on a Great Season!!

Daniel (Bexley) – Good luck, bring us a Championship! Go Bucks~

Darlene (Harpster) – Good Luck Lady Buckeyes! I wanted to let you know that my 96 year old mother, Alice, does not miss a game (on t.v. ) She will be watching along with the rest of my family! Go Bucks!

Barb (Columbus) – Hey girls – I know Stanford is really tall, but you guys are really fierce and unafraid. Fierce beats tall any day of the week!!! Go get em Saturday nite – we will stay up to root you on – we love you

David (Plain City) – Someone knows how to do git it done!!!!! So do it, we’re behind you all the way

Kyle (Columbus) – GO BUCKS!!! The city, state and thousands of proud alumni are behind you! We know you can do it and you know you can do it so let’s beat the Cardinal!

Linda (Columbus) – We’ve been with you all season. Best of luck on Saturday! We’ll be watching.

George (Knoxville, TN) – We will be watching you advance to the next round. GOOD LUCK!!

Andrew (Holland) – Hey this is Andrew in Holland, Ohio wishing the Womens OSU team some luck on beating the Cardinal. I know you all can do it. Well let’s get it! Go Bucks! #1 Fan – =)

Bob (Columbus) – I attended both games in Columbus. Excellent play. Need to keep the other team off the offensive boards – 2nd chance points can kill you. Play good, solid team defense and you can make the final four. Go Bucks.

Bonnie (Seminole, FL) – Good Luck! You are the best! Look forward to watching you in the Final Four!

Aynsley (Columbus) – Good luck ladies!!!

Chad (St. Louis) – Good Luck Buckeyes!!! Would love to see you ladies here in St. Louis!!!