November 6, 2021

Gonzales Wins Title at MSU Open


Final Brackets

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Freshman Andre Gonzales cruised through the freshman/sophomore division bracket at the MSU Open Saturday to win the title over Chris Kim of Michigan in the 133-pound weight class.

Gonzales competing unattached, won four matches on the day to claim the title in his first competition as a Buckeye.

Will Bentancourt and Chase Liardi, both freshmen 133-pounders, finished third and fourth, respectively, in the freshman/sophomore bracket.

Mike Misita, a freshman heavyweight, finished second in the freshman/sophomore bracket, going 3-1 on the day.

Another freshman, redshirt Gavin Bell, came in fourth in the 184 freshman/sophomore bracket.

Dylan D’Emilio, a redshirt sophomore, battled back in the consolation bracket in the open 141 bracket, claiming third place overall going 5-1 on the day.

The Buckeyes also had fourth place finishers in the open 174 bracket (R.Sr./Fritz Shierl) and in the 0pen 157 division (So./Bryce Hepner)

The first dual meet for the Buckeyes is set for 1 p.m. Sunday vs. North Carolina at the Covelli Center.


Open Division

Joey Prata (Oklahoma) def. Brady Koontz (OSU) | D, 4-1
Tommy Hoskins (Unat. Ohio U.) def. Brady Koontz (OSU) | D, 7-5

Tony Madrigal (Oklahoma) def. Phillip Kue (OSU) | MD, 10-0
Phillip Kue (OSU) def. Dylan Phelps (Olivet Col.) | D, 4-3
Phillip Kue (OSU) def. Vince Perez (Central Michigan) | D, 5-3
Dylan Ragusin (Unat. Michigan) def. Phillip Kue (OSU) | MD, 10-1

Anthony Echemendia (Unat. OSU) def. Caleb Brooks (N. Illinois) | D, 4-2
Anthony Echemendia (Unat. OSU) def. Nicholas Bolivar (Indiana) | D, 8-3
Chance Lamar (Unat. Michigan) def. Anthony Echemendia (Unat. OSU) | MFF

Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. Jonathan Moran (Indiana) | Fall, 2:28
Jacob Butler (Oklahoma) def. Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) | D, 5-4
Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. Nathan Young (N. Illinois) | MD, 14-4
Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. Pat Nolan (Michigan) | MD, 14-3
Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. We Rachal (Illinois) | D, 8-6
Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. Jaivon Jones (N. Illinois) | D, 8-2 (3rd)

Anthony Cheloni (N. Illinois) def Klay Reeves (Unat. OSU) | D, 5-2
Brice O’Hare (Oklahoma) def. Klay Reeves (Unat. OSU) | D, 3-2

Bryce Hepner (Unat. OSU) def. Justin West (Findlay) | Fall, 1:21
Bryce Hepner (Unat. OSU) def. Fidel Mayora (Unat. Michigan) | D, 4-0
Chase Saldate (MSU) def. Bryce Hepner (Unat. OSU) | D, 4-2
Bryce Hepner (Unat. OSU) def. Brawley Lamar (Cal Poly) | D, 5-4
Bryce Hepner (Unat. OSU) def. Joe Roberts (Illinois) | TF, 20-3
Bryce Hepner (Unat. OSU) def. Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) | D, 3-1
Jordan Slivka (Ohio U.) def. Bryce Hepner (Unat. OSU)| NC (4th)

Jordan Slivka (Ohio U.) def. Kevon Freeman (OSU) | Fall, 3:35
Anthony Gibson (N. Illinois) def. Kevon Freemon (OSU) | MFF

Isaac Wilcox (Unat. OSU) def. Cameron Monzadeh (MSU) | Fall, 1:37
Johnny Lovett (Cent. Mich.) def Isaac Wilcox (Unat. OSU) | Dec. 3-1
Isaac Wilcox (Unat. OSU) def. Alec Reeves (N. Illinois) | D, 8-1
Isaac Wilcox (Unat. OSU) def. Alex Garcia (Edinboro) | Fall, 1:13
Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) def. Isaac Wilcox (Unat. OSU) | D, 10-8

Fritz Schierl (OSU) def. John Mark Williams (Ohio U.) | Fall, 5:30
Nate Jimenez (MSU) def Fritz Schierl (OSU) | D, 3-1
Fritz Schierl (OSU) def. Joseph Walker (Unat. Michigan) | SV-1 11-9
Fritz Schierl (OSU) Def. Ankhaa Enkmandakh (Northwestern) | D, 5-3
Fritz Schierl (OSU) def. DJ Shannon (Illinois) | DQ
Adam Kemp (Cal Poly) def. Fritz Schierl (OSU) | D, 8-6 (4th)

Tyler Stein (OSU) def. Brad Wilton (MSU) | D, 2-1
Patrick Bruck (Michigan) def. Tyler Stein (OSU) | MD, 13-3
Tyler Stein (OSU) def. Matt Zuber (N. Illinois) | Fall, 2:55
Matt Wroblewski (Illinois) def. Tyler Stein (OSU) | D, 8-2

Freshman/Sophomore Division

Maximo Renteria (Unat. Illinois) def. Ajabu Crews (OSU) | Fall 5:32
Caleb Edwards (Unat. Edinboro) def. Ajabu Crews (OSU) | D, 9-5

Andre Gonzales (Unat. OSU) def. Manny Laguna (MSU) | TF, 19-4
Andre Gonzales (Unat. OSU) def. Mark Brado (Rochester) | D, 4-2
Andre Gonzales (Unat. OSU) def. Jack Lenox (Cal Poly) |Fall, 3:17
Andre Gonzales (Unat. OSU) vs. Chris Kim (Unat. Michigan | D, 2-0 (1st)

Alex Flerlage (Unat. OSU) def Ja’Kenon Merritt (CMU) | D 10-5
Jack Lenox (CMU) def. Alex Flerlage (Unat. OSU) | D 6-4
Abraham Hinrichsen (Unat. Cal Poly) def. Alex Flerlage (Unat. OSU) | TF, 15-0

Will Betancourt (Unat. OSU) def. Ashton Anderson (Unat. Findlay) | MD, 9-1
Will Betancourt (Unat. OSU) def. Christian White (Unat. Purdue) | D, 3-2
Chris Kim (Unat. Michigan) def. Will Betancourt (Unat. OSU) | D, 2-1
Will Betancourt (Unat. OSU) def. Ja’Kerion Merritt (Central Mich.) | D, 3-1
Will Betancourt (Unat. OSU) def. Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) | NC (3rd)

Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) def. Luis Ortiz (Unat. Cal Poly) | MD, 16-6
Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) def. Nathaniel Genobana (Unat. Northern Iowa)
Chris Kim (Unat. Michigan) def Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) | D, 4-0
Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) def. Ashton Anderson (Unat. Findlay) | D, 8-1
Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) def. Nathaniel Genobana (Unat. N. Iowa)| D, 1-0
Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) def. Jack Lenox (Cal Poly) | D, 5-3
Will Betancourt (Unat. OSU) vs. Chase Liardi (Unat. OSU) | NC (4th)

Lucas Daly (Unat. MSU) def. Bryer Hall (Unat. OSU) | D, 6-4
Graham Calhoun (Unat. Wisconsin) def. Bryer Hall (Unat. OSU) | Fall, 2:49

Gavin Bell (Unat. OSU) def. Noah Licari (Rochester) | Fall, 2:32
Gavin Bell (Unat. OSU) def. Joseph Lyons (Unat. Cleveland State) | MD, 10-2
Dylan Connell (Unat. Illinois) def. Gavin Bell (Unat. OSU) | D, 8-3
Gavin Bell (Unat. OSU) def. Nate Barrett (Unat. Ashland) | TF, 22-6
Justin Carnahan (Olivet Col.) def. Gavin Bell (Unat. OSU) | Fall, 0:38 (4th)

Mike Misita (Unat. OSU) def. Drew Harris (Unat. Ohio U.) | Fall, 1:24
Mike Misita (Unat. OSU) def. Nick West (Unat. Michigan) | D, 5-0
Mike Misita (Unat. OSU) def. Simon Lato (Cent. Mich.) | D, 7-1
Tristan Ruhlman (Unat. Purdue) def. Mike Misita (Unat. OSU) | D, 7-1 (2nd)

Bryan Caves (Unat. Cent. Mich. ) def. Hogan Swenski (Unat. OSU) | D, 3-0
Hogan Swenski (Unat. OSU) def. Carter West (Rochester) | Fall, 1:24
Hogan Swenski (Unat. OSU) def. Drew Haris (Unat. Ohio U.) | Fall, 2:28
Jacob Christensen (Unat. N. Iowa) def. Hogan Swenski (Unat. OSU) | D, 3-2