Getting to Know Tiffany Dittmer

What led to your decision to attend Ohio State?
Being from Germany, I wanted to come to the United States for college. I wanted a big school that had a lot of classic American qualities, like a big football program. Then coach Merzbacher came to Germany and seemed to be a really nice coach. I came for a visit and met the girls on the team and it seemed like a great fit.

What’s the transition from Germany to Ohio like?
Speaking in another language all day long is a little rough sometimes. It feels like everything is bigger here sometimes. There are a lot of little differences. On the whole, it seems like Americans are a lot more positive and relaxed.

With all of the snow and ice this winter, how does the Germany climate compare to Ohio’s?
The weather in Ohio is a little more extreme, but it’s pretty close. It’s warmer in the summer here and a bit colder in the winter. I’m not a big fan of snow, but I guess I’m used to it after living with it all my life. I do like snow on Christmas, though.

What about the transition from high school to college?
There is a lot more independence in college. In high school, teachers treat you almost as you’re one of their children and they guide you through doing this activity or that activity. In college, it’s a lot more fun because you realize you’re in school because you enjoy it and you want to be here. Classes are a lot bigger here though!

What’s the most interesting fact about you?
I started speaking English in third grade. I went to a bilingual school starting in fifth grade. We were a German school, but we had English spoken in our classes every day. Certain classes would be taught in English. As we got older, the amount of English spoken at school would increase.

How has your playing style changed since coming to Ohio State?
I had never played on hard courts in Germany. Over there we all played on clay. Coach helped me get used to the hard courts here, helping me to be more aggressive. Coming up to the net wasn’t something you do a lot on clay, so I’ve worked on that a lot.

What are your expectations for the rest of the season?
I know the team has a lot of expectations for the season, but being new to collegiate sports, I’m not familiar with our opponents this season. I know we have a really good chance to do well though. If we stay positive, things will work out on the courts. I’m having fun traveling with the team. For this season, I’m just looking to understand what a season is like on a college team and learn how things work.