Favorite parts of the game of lacrosse… Intensity and speed

What part of your game needs the most work… My righty rip

Lacrosse player you would most like to play with… John Grant Jr.

Superhero quality you would want… Sloth from The Goonies’ strength

Lucky number (why) … 24. It’s my last name in Italian

When I was younger, I dreamed of being a paleontologist

Best food I can cook … Lasagna

Favorite holiday … Christmas

My favorite sports, other than lacrosse…  Football and basketball

Favorite vacation so far… Bahamas

Dream vacation… Travel Europe for a summer

Prized possession… My flow

My hidden talent … Some call me the sound bird of my generation

Best piece of advice I have received… Joe Dirt: Life’s a Garden, Dig it and Keep on Keepin’ on

Most important pre-game ritual… I don’t like to talk to anyone I just listen to my jams on my iPod

Best thing about being a Buckeye… Tradition

The one person I would want to trade places with for a day … Jennifer Aniston’s companion

Greatest risk taken … Base jumping

Dream place to live… Australia