Getting to Know Kelsey Becker

What led to your decision to attend Ohio State?
I knew Fidan (Manashirova) before I even started looking at potential colleges because we both attended the same tennis academy. Even though Ohio is so far from California, she had a lot of good things to say about Ohio State and encouraged me to visit. It was the last school I visited, but when I came here the team was really friendly, coach Merzbacher was really awesome and I really enjoyed the school spirit and the success of the football and basketball teams here. It’s kind of cool to get out of California and experience a new level of independence.

How well did you know Fidan before becoming a Buckeye?
We knew each other, but we weren’t extremely close. She was homeschooled and I went to high school and at the academy she would hit in the morning with older kids and I would hit in the afternoon with other players my age. But in the summers we would spend time hitting together and now we spend a lot more time together! Traveling with the team has made us much closer, along with all the other girls on the team.

How are college classes for you, compared to high school?
College classes are much larger, including the huge lectures. Teachers here expect students to know what to do, whereas in high school they gave you less freedom. It was tough at first and I was a little stressed out, but I’ve gotten accustomed to it. You figure it out after a while. Teachers here are usually pretty good helping athletes with their studies.

Have you decided on a major?
Yes! I’m a business major. I have to apply to the business school in June, but I want to specialize in marketing. During orientation I signed up for the exploration program, but after my dad and I talked about college, I decided to go with business. He works in the business world and helped me figure out it was a good, broad major so I can figure out exactly what I want to do after graduation.

What have been your favorite spots on campus?
I’m at Marketplace and the Younkin Center close to every night, so there are those places, but they aren’t necessarily my favorites. I spend a lot of time at Kara’s (Cecil) house though. I’m sure once it warms up, everyone will go to the Oval.

How are you dealing with the cold weather?
It hasn’t been fun! I’ve fallen on ice twice so far, so that’s a little annoying. The snow is hard to get used to since there isn’t any where I live in California. It gets me down every now and then, especially when my parents call and tell me it’s 60 degrees at home. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to the spring!

Do you get homesick often since moving to Ohio?
I actually get homesick a lot. I have a younger brother and sister and I’m really close to both of them. I miss my parents a lot, too. They did so much for me before I came to college, so it’s hard not to miss them.

What’s one of the most interesting things about you?
I’m a quarter Japanese. I think that’s the most interesting. A lot of people don’t believe me, but my mom is half Japanese. Her entire family lives there still. She lived there when she was little. I’ve gotten to visit twice though. She can speak Japanese, too. Unfortunately, I can’t.

What are your expectations for the rest of the season?
I really just want to be a good teammate to everyone and contribute as much as I can. I try to give everything during practices to help everyone else out as much as they help me. For me, I want to keep getting stronger and better as a player. During matches, I enjoy being there for the team and supporting them.