Nov. 28, 2006

Get to Know … J.D. Bergman

I am …a Christian

I have … lots of family and friends

I will …win a NCAA title this year

I started wrestling because … my dad wrestled and coached and it seemed interesting

The best thing about college athletics is … the family of wrestlers and coaches that have your back

You would never guess I … was in choirs and musicals and was good at art

The hardest thing I have ever done was … climb Cog trail (a mountain side in Colorado Springs)

Three words that describe me are … fun, dedicated and thorough

If I had a million dollars, I would … give to charity obviously, put most of it in the bank and hire a personal chef

My favorite road trip is … driving to Mitch Clark’s camp in 2005

My least favorite thing about traveling is … waiting

Fans may not know this about the team … we go bowling on occasion

My biggest pet peeve is … lying

In 20 years, I would like to be … an accomplished motivational speaker who has touched millions of lives and/or a great college coach

When not at Steelwood or St. John Arena, my favorite thing to do is … relax with my friends (teammates) or go to the movies

I can’t imagine living without … God in my life

I am an avid fan of these sports teams … just the BUCKS!

My favorite candy is … 100 Grand bars

The television channel I watch the most is … MTV