Ohio Stadium Ticketing Information

Ticketing Information

Most tickets for the Spring Game are general admission, meaning you can sit in any open seat. There are a handful of seating sections that are RESERVED and a General Admission ticket will not grant you entry.

RESERVED tickets (with a section, row, and seat number) are required in order to sit in the following areas:

  • AA sections (nearest the field)
  • Club Seats (red chaired seats on the west side of the stadium)
  • Wheelchair Accessible seats (exchanges are available at the Gate 5 Ticket Office if you need a wheelchair accessible seat)

All game tickets will now be issued digitally to your smartphone! This means that your phone is your ticket into the game.

Download the Ohio State Buckeyes App, login to your ticketing account, and pull up your game tickets to enter!

You can check out this video which will walk you through pulling up your digital tickets on your phone. Remember these tips: 

  • Screenshots will not get you in. All tickets use a dynamic barcode with an waving blue line that passes across the barcode. Barcodes update every few seconds. If you screenshot the barcode, it will not scan and you will be stuck outside the stadium. 
  • You can add your tickets to your phone’s wallet. This will help keep them safe in case you don’t have connectivity. When you add them to your wallet, the barcode will go away and they will be turned into a ‘Tap-N-Go’ ticket – much like when you use Apple Pay or Google Pay at the grocery store. Make sure to have NFC turned on! 
  • If you have multiple tickets on your device, transfer them to your family through the app ahead of time. This will make entry into Ohio Stadium quicker. It will also make it easier for you and the Ushers if someone needs to leave their seats to grab food or a drink during the game! 
  • Only tickets generated through the Ticketmaster App or the Ohio State Buckeyes App will grant you entry into Ohio Stadium! 
  • Be sure to visit our Digital Ticketing Guide for complete information on how to manage, scan, transfer, or sell your digital tickets! 

Guests are able to exchange their tickets for tickets that meet their disability-related need, based on availability. 

Guests requiring disability seating should contact the Athletics Ticket Office at least two weeks in advance, and are encouraged to make the exchange in advance of game day if possible. Advance exchanges are made at the Athletics Ticket Office located in the Schottenstein Center. 

If guests cannot make the exchange in advance of game day, then guests can enter Ohio Stadium with their original tickets and proceed to the Ticketing Services window located at the Ohio Stadium Ticket Office at Gate 5 to make the exchange. 

Guests may call the Athletics Ticket Office at 1-800-GOBUCKS (1-800-462-8257) for further details about the exchange process. 

The Spring Game is FREE for all children under the age of six years old.

You do not need to obtain a ticket for children ahead of time. Let the Redcoats at the gate know their age when you scan your adult tickets.

Guests experiencing ticket issues after entering the gates of Ohio Stadium should contact the nearest Usher or Redcoat for assistance. Guests also may report to the Ticketing Services window located at the ticket office at Gate 5. 

WARNING: Tickets should always be purchased from an authorized ticket agent (the Ohio State Athletics Ticket Office, Ticketmaster, or the Ohio State Ticket Exchange). Please be advised that StubHub, eBay and ticket brokers, for example, are not recognized ticketing agents of Ohio State. Tickets purchased from unauthorized agents could be counterfeit, stolen, or otherwise void, and will not be valid for admission to the event. Guests with invalid tickets will not be permitted to enter the Stadium and will have no recourse for reimbursement or other compensation. 

Students who have purchased Block O tickets must enter through Gate 32/34 at the SE corner of Ohio Stadium. Students will scan their ticket initially to get into Ohio Stadium, and will scan their ticket immediately again to receive a wristband to sit in the Block O North and Block O South seating sections. Students will Block O tickets may not enter any other gate.  

General public will call tickets may be picked up at the Athletics Ticket Office in the Schottenstein Center during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm).  On game day, will call is located at Gate 5 near the northwest corner of the stadium and opens 4 hours prior to kick off.  Proper photo ID is required for pick-up. 

Ohio State Player Guest Will Call is located at the Ohio Stadium Ticket Office at Gate 5. This area opens two hours prior to kickoff and will remain open until the end of the first half. Individuals receiving tickets from players must show proper ID and immediately enter the stadium.  

Visiting Team Will Call is located at Gate 6 on the northeast corner of Ohio Stadium. The Visiting Team Will Call is located at Gate 6 on the northeast corner of Ohio Stadium. 

Football recruits must enter Ohio Stadium through the Recruit Room at the southeast tower at Gate 30. The Recruit Room will remain open until the end of the first half.  

Non-football recruits must enter at the Ohio Stadium Ticket Office at Gate 5. Individuals receiving recruit tickets must show proper ID and immediately enter the stadium. 

Guests reporting lost/stolen tickets should contact the ticket office in advance at 1-800-GOBUCKS (1-800-462-8257), however there is no guarantee that lost or stolen tickets will be replaceable. 

Yes, you may lose your ticket privileges if you have engaged in conduct that is determined, by either OSU or the NCAA, to be in violation of any NCAA rule or if, in OSU’s reasonable discretion, you have otherwise taken any action that jeopardizes the eligibility of OSU’s programs or its student-athletes.