Ohio State Athletics Venues Game Day Information

COVID-19 A-Z Guidelines

We recommend that anyone who is considered to be “high-risk” under CDC guidelines, refrain from coming to our athletics venues at this time. Click here to learn more about the CDC’s guidelines.

New Guidelines for 2020-2021 Season

To reduce touchpoints and lengthy inspections, guests are encouraged to not bring a bag to the venue. We request that you bring only wallets, wristlets, or clutches no larger than 5”x8”x1”. All items and persons entering the facility are subject to security screening and inspection. Guests entering with medical, dietary, or childcare may enter through their assigned entry gate to have their items inspected.

All concessions locations and parking locations will be operated as ‘cashless’. Mobile ordering, credit cards and smartphone payments options will be available to guests.

Limited concessions may be available. Skip the line and order your food ahead of time. Mobile ordering will be required at the concession stands near your seating section. Download the Ohio State Buckeyes gameday app or scan the QR code near the stand to start your order. Then step up to the stand and pick up your food.

All concession personnel will undergo COVID-19 safety training. Our partners at Levy Restaurants have prepared an altered menu of food with more prepackaged/wrapped food items. Self-serve soda fountains will be closed but beverages will be available directly from the concession stand. Enhanced cleaning will be part of our food service operation.

You must follow all Ohio State and venue policies, including health and safety policies, and posted instructions while in the venue and on venue grounds. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.  COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Ohio State Athletic venues, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Doors will open 60 minutes prior to the event time. Please consider arriving earlier than you normally would in order to reduce congestion and wait times. Physical distancing, larger line queues, and other safety protocols will slow down the entry into the facility from what you may be used to.

All staff, media, and stadium employees will have their temperature taken before entering the facility. Any temperature above 100.4⁰F will be flagged, and that employee will be sent home. Like fans, all staff and employees will be required to wear a face mask inside the building.  They will also be required to complete a short heath screening questionnaire before entering the facility on game day.

All guests entering an event are advised to conduct a personal health screening before arriving to campus. Those who feel ill, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, have been exposed to someone with symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or who have tested positive themselves, must stay home. Click here to learn more about the CDC’s health guidelines.

Because of COVID-19 exposure risk, the normal Lost & Found operation will be discontinued for the 2020-2021 season. Only high value items (cell phones, credit cards, wallets) will be retrieved and stored by staff.

Face masks are required to be worn at all times on the Ohio State campus, indoors and outdoors, for those ages 2 and up. This includes all campus buildings and outdoor areas, Athletics facilities, parking areas, outside the stadium, gate entry, concourse, stadium seating bowl and club/loge areas. Face masks may not be removed while at your seat. Masks may only be removed, temporarily, for eating and drinking while seated.

Masks must be fabric or disposable surgical-style masks that cover the nose and mouth. Bandanas, scarves, gaiters, buffs and the like are not acceptable. Masks that have exhalation valves with or without filters may not be worn on campus.

The use of masks is not a substitute for physical distancing. Clear face shields may only be worn in combination with an approved face mask. Costume masks are also not considered appropriate and are prohibited from being worn.

If you are unable to wear a mask, you may complete a Disability Needs Request Form to discuss an alternative. Please complete the form 1-2 weeks in advance of the game day you are attending. If you do not complete the Disability Needs Request Form ahead of time, you will be required to wear a mask.

Invited guests will be assigned a lot to park upon arrival. There is no charge for parking when you park in the designated lot and within 3 hours of the event. If there is a fee to park, a sign will be posted.

Temporary adjustments are in place at our facilities to promote physical distancing. Physical distancing measures may include:

Signage and Ground Markings: Please follow directional signage and ground markings to better navigate common areas while practicing physical distancing.

Pod Seating: Game tickets will be distributed in “pods” to support physical distancing between each group of ticketholders attending together, with the expectation that fans will be attending games with family members they have been sheltering with and/or with trusted acquaintances. These ticketing pods will be arranged six feet apart from the next seating pod. For this reason, please make sure to sit in your assigned seat. Event staff may eject fans from the facility who refuse to sit in their assigned seats.

Proximity to Players and Each Other: The first several rows of seats closest to the playing surface will be closed off to support physical distancing between fans and players.

Training: Facility employees are trained to engage with guests and promote physical distancing guidelines in common areas and queues. Please follow direction of facility employees while practicing physical distancing.

Facility seating capacity will be limited for the 2020-2021 season and will be based on the establishment of “family seating pods”. The pattern of “pods” will be arrayed throughout the facility bowl and distanced from the adjacent pod. Guests are expected to sit in their ticketed/assigned seat and not move toward or join another pod. Event staff will continuously monitor and separate fans who are not sitting in their assigned seats. Failure to follow the direction of stadium personnel or law enforcement can result in ejection from the facility or loss of ticket privileges. All guests must follow the policies set forth in the Guest Code of Conduct.

Tailgating will not be permitted on campus for the 2020 season. All parking lots and garages across campus will be closed off. Only those with tickets or a working credential will be permitted to park in their designated lots. Arrangements will be made for working medical center staff or other essential campus personnel who will be working on campus during gamedays. University departments that normally host tailgating events must continue to follow the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes Guidelines for hosting events and activities.

This tailgating restriction includes, but is not limited to, all parking lots, parking garages, green spaces, lawns or plazas. Prohibited items and activities include: trailers & oversized vehicles, tents or canopies of any size, tables, grills, generators, televisions, sharable foods & beverages, games & activities. Police and public health officials will monitor campus spaces to ensure a safe atmosphere. All state and local public health orders and laws will be enforced.

Player/Staff Guest Will Call will be located in the following locations:

  • Schottenstein Center: Northwest Rotunda
  • Covelli Center: Main Ticket Office
  • Bill Davis/Buckeye Softball: Main Ticket Booth
  • Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium: SW Ticket Booth
  • Ty Tucker Tennis Center: Main Lobby Entrance
  • Buckeye Varsity Field: Main Gate
  • OSU Ice Rink: Main Lobby Entrance

This area opens 60 minutes prior to the start of the game and close at halftime/intermission. If you are in need of disability seating, please visit the Ticket Will Call location on game day for assistance.

The Official App of the Ohio State Buckeyes





To reduce touchpoints and lengthy inspections, guests are encouraged to not bring a bag to the venue. We request that you bring only wallets, wristlets, or clutches no larger than 5”x8”x1”. All items and persons entering the facility are subject to security screening and inspection. Guests entering with medical, dietary, or childcare may enter through their assigned entry gate to have their items inspected.

Still cameras with a lens greater than 100mm, any audio and video recording equipment, monopods, dual pods and tripods are not allowed to be used.

Images are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purposes and may not be re-sold without the express consent of The Ohio State University. Guests found to be using images for any commercial purpose or found to be re-selling pictures will be asked by The Ohio State University to cease and desist from using the images for commercial purposes which may be against NCAA bylaws.

Comments/Concerns/Text Messaging

If you would like to recognize outstanding service or you have an issue that needs to be addressed, you can either:

  1. Fill out a comment card or guest incident report which may be obtained at Guest Services Booths at Gate 13, Gate 14, 5A, 6C, 7C, 2B, or 38A.
  2. Contact the Department of Athletics Event Management Team by email at hoon.6@osu.edu.
  3. Text BRUTUS (space) Issue and Location to 69050

In case of an emergency, please contact the nearest law enforcement officer or usher directly.

In the event of a serious emergency, all Event Staff, Redcoats, Ushers, Law Enforcement and Fire personnel are available to assist guests, including those with disabilities. Information will also be provided over the public address system and on stadium televisions and scoreboards.

Weapons are not permitted in the arena/stadium. Possession of a firearm or weapon is strictly forbidden. Possession of a weapon will result in immediate confiscation, ejection and/or possible arrest. Off-duty law enforcement: click here for concealed-carry policy

Game programs will not be sold on-site for the 2020 season

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are available to assist our guests with potential questions, comments or concerns.  Please do not hesitate to contact the nearest staff member for assistance.

Guests with children at the game are encouraged to contact the nearest Usher to obtain a wristband for their children. An emergency name and phone number can be put on the wristband that would be used in the case of a lost person.

Any report of a lost person will be acted on immediately by event personnel to locate and return the person to his or her parent(s), guardian(s) or companion(s). Guests should contact any Law Enforcement Officer, Redcoat, Usher or Event Staff for prompt initiation of lost person search procedures. If a parent, guardian or companion is not located, the lost person will be taken to the Police Room located near the elevators near Section 17A for further efforts in locating the parent(s), guardian(s) or companion(s).

If assistance is needed in the stands, please contact the nearest Red Coat, Usher, Concession Worker, Law Enforcement Officer, Columbus Fire Department Paramedic, Red Cross volunteer or go to the nearest First Aid Room.

Authentic Buckeye merchandise may be purchased online at www.gobuckeyes.com.

Guests may visit the Wellness Room located at 101.

Animals, except trained service dogs or miniature horses, are not permitted into our facilities.

Service Dogs in Training are recognized by the Ohio Revised Code and are permitted into our facilities. Service dogs in training must have a liability insurance policy provided by the non-profit agency sponsoring the training and be under control. Typically, puppy rearing (under six months of age) focused on socialization and general obedience training is not considered Service Animal Training.

Emotional Support Animals may be permitted into Ohio State facilities as a reasonable accommodation.  Requests must be reviewed by the University ADA Coordinator’s Office. Guests wishing to make a request for an Emotional Support Animal to an event should complete this Disability Needs Request Form at least two week prior to the event.

Guests may not enter the playing field at any time. VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT TO ARREST AND MAY BE PROSECUTED.

All items and persons entering our facilities are subject to security screening and inspection. The following items are permitted:

  • Binoculars (without a case)
  • Blankets (unrolled or unbagged)
  • Body worn baby carriers with child (including but not limited to wraps, slings, soft pack baby carrier, etc.)
  • Cameras (still) with a lens 100mm or less
  • Coats (worn or carried)
  • Mobility devices (including but not limited to canes, crutches, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, scooters, etc.)
  • Small radios with headphones
  • One 14x14x4 bag per person will be permitted for:
    • Dietary or medical needs (medications, single serving snack for medical needs, etc.)
    • Child care needs (diapers, formula, baby food, baby bottle, etc.)
  • Water bottles that are clear, plastic and empty
  • Wallet, Wristlet, or Clutch (with or without strap) no larger than 5″ x 8″ x 1″
  • Sunscreen (non-aerosol) can be carried in

As a general rule, any items that obstruct the view of other guests or that can be used as projectiles, that interfere with the comfort of other guests or are deemed inappropriate/hazardous by stadium security are prohibited.

Guests are subject to visual inspection of person, parcels, bags, and clothing capable of concealing prohibited items. Guests may refuse inspections but management reserves the right to refuse entry. Guests that are found with prohibited items are subject to Ohio Law and/or ejection from the stadium. Changes in national, regional and campus security levels may affect security procedures.

The following items are NOT permitted to be brought into our facilities:

  • Bags (To reduce touchpoints and lengthy inspections, guests are encouraged to not bring a bag to the venue. We request that you bring only wallets, wristlets, or clutches no larger than 5”x8”x1”.)
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (except service dogs for guests with disabilities)
  • Audio or Video Recording Equipment including those that are attached to unmanned aircraft systems or model aircrafts.
  • Banners, Flags and Signs
  • Bicycles
  • Cameras with a lens greater than 100mm (along with Monopods, Dual Pods and Tripods), including those that are attached to unmanned aircraft systems or model aircrafts.
  • Chairs including Folding Chairs, Portable Chairs, Stools, Lawn Chairs
  • Clothing with profane, inappropriate or abusive language
  • Containers (common examples include but are not limited to hard sided coolers, soft pack coolers, ice chests, picnic baskets, cans, heavy plastic or glass bottles, thermoses)
  • Confetti, streamers, glitter, balloons
  • Weapons are not permitted in the arena/stadium. Possession of a firearm or weapon is strictly forbidden. Possession of a weapon will result in immediate confiscation, ejection and/or possible arrest. Off-duty law enforcement: click here for concealed-carry policy
  • Fireworks
  • Food or beverages
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Inflatables (balls, balloons, etc.)
  • Laptops and computers
  • Laser pointers
  • Markers (permanent) and/or paint
  • Noisemaking devices (common examples include but are not limited to whistles, air horns, bull horns, blow horns, musical instruments, kazoos, bugles, cow bells, thunder sticks, sirens, milk jugs with rocks or coins, and stereos)
  • Sticks, Poles, Pipes or Selfie sticks
  • Strollers and car-seat type baby carriers are not permitted. Body worn baby carriers with child (including but not limited to wraps, slings, soft pack baby carrier, etc.) are allowed.
  • Signs
  • Sports Equipment (common examples include but are not limited to balls, beach balls, footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, segways or other motorized scooters, skateboards, and roller blades)
  • Televisions or video monitors
  • Weapons or items that mimic weapons including but not limited to: (aerosol cans, mace, pepper spray, lighters, matches, firearms, including CCW permit holders, fireworks, pocket knives, knives, spiked bracelets, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, stun guns, squirt guns, super soakers and chains) or any item deemed dangerous or inappropriate.
  • Wrapped gifts, packages or items

The following expectations have been established regarding behavior & fan conduct:

  • Guests should be a positive role model for those around them. Guests will expect and encourage good displays of sportsmanship from fellow fans.
  • Guests should conduct themselves in a manner that represents their University, their Conference, and the NCAA with honor, dignity, and respect. Guests shall not exhibit behavior that interferes with the enjoyment of the game or event by those around them.
  • Guests should cheer positively for their team and refrain from taunting, threatening, vulgar, abusive, racist, sexist, or demeaning remarks or gestures directed towards the coaches, student-athletes, fans, staff and game officials. Threats include statements, actions and behaviors that could reasonably be foreseen as having a purpose to inflict physical harm, even if the person making the threat doesn’t have the ability to carry out the threat. State of Ohio Disorderly Conduct Law
  • Guests shall comply with all facility policies.
  • Guests should sit only in their ticketed seats and show their tickets when requested, should not stand on seats, should not stand in the aisles, should not enter the playing area and should not throw any items onto the playing area.
  • Guests should follow all local, state, or federal laws and will follow the instructions of event staff. State of Ohio Open Container Policy
  • Guests appearing intoxicated, inebriated or showing other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption or drug use may be denied entry and may be subject to ejection. Intervention with an intoxicated or impaired guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • Guests should wear clothing without obscene or indecent messages. Guests will remove or cover up such clothing deemed offensive or obscene upon request.
  • Guests should be responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of others who use their tickets.

The event staff has been trained to intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met. Guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest event staff member.

Examples of prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to: throwing objects of any kind; demonstrating unruly behavior; attempting to enter the field of play; engaging in behavior that endangers the safety of student athletes, coaches, officials or other guests; attempting to climb the goal posts; removing Ohio Stadium turf; and/or taunting event staff, visiting teams and/or public safety officials. Nudity is not allowed, and all patrons must be attired in accordance with all state and local laws governing liquor permit premises.

Guests that do not adhere to stadium policies, the Code of Conduct, those exhibiting prohibited behavior, those that violate policies on multiple occasions, are subject to the following consequences: seat relocation, loss of ticket buying privileges, ejection from the facility without refund, letter of warning, and/or arrest. Students involved in such activities or other disruptive behavior will also be subject to disciplinary action through The Ohio State University Student Code of Conduct. The University reserves the right to not enforce, within the sole discretion of the University, prohibited behaviors based on the interests of public safety, operational or staffing considerations or any other consideration.

Special announcements on the public address system are limited to medical and police emergencies.

The flagship station for Ohio State games is WBNS Radio 1460/97.1 the Fan.

The Department of Public Safety continually evaluates its protocols to ensure we follow best practices to support overall safety. Law enforcement will have an enhanced visual presence in and around the facility this season. Guests are subject to visual and walk through metal detector inspection of person, parcels, bags, and clothing capable of concealing prohibited items. Guests may refuse inspections but management reserves the right to refuse entry. Guests that are found with prohibited items are subject to Ohio Law and/or ejection from the stadium. Cooperation with game management and security personnel will help maintain Ohio Stadium as a safe and secure environment for all guests.

The use of all types of tobacco products (including and not limited to, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, hookah smoked products, pipes, oral tobacco and nasal tobacco) is prohibited in all university buildings and on all university-owned properties, including parking lots, garages, and all outside areas. This also includes any product intended to mimic tobacco products, contain tobacco flavoring, or deliver nicotine other than for the purpose of cessation.

The Ohio State University and University Housing complies with Drug-Free Communities and Schools Act (DFSCA) (20 U.S.C. 1011i; 34 C.F.R. part 86) as well as Drug Free Workplace Act which requires a drug-free environment on campus. Though medical marijuana is legalized under Ohio law, marijuana (including medical marijuana) remains illegal under federal law and is categorized as an illicit substance. Because of this, the possession, use, storage, and cultivation of marijuana and medical marijuana (regardless of its form, including but not limited to: oils, tinctures, plant material, edibles or patches) by students, faculty, staff, and visitors remains prohibited on all University property.

Resale of tickets, setting up a promotional space and/or distributing banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handbills, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers, or any other written, printed and/or painted materials in or around Ohio Stadium without the permission of The Ohio State University Department of Athletics is prohibited.

Water fountains have been closed for the 2020 season.

Our facilities does offer a complimentary wheelchair service inside our facility. Once you enter, you can summon a nearby Redcoat or Usher and ask for a wheelchair escort. A staff member will pick up the person needing the escort at the gate and take them to their seat. At the end of the game/concert or when you wish to leave, simply ask a nearby Usher for a wheelchair pickup. A staff member will take you from your seat to a gate. Our wheelchair staff members are unable to go outside the facility to pick up or drop off guests.

Texting with friends and family, posting on social media and surfing the web now is available to fans inside Ohio Stadium, The Schottenstein Center and the Covelli Center with the newly installed osuFanWifi. Connect to the complimentary osuFanWifi network on your phone!