COLUMBUS, Ohio – After its game against Ohio was cancelled because of the threatening weather in the area Friday, the soccer team is back in action Sunday against the Pitt Panthers. Some thoughts from the press box:

Second Half

First minute – Ohhhhh. Lauren Steuer belts a shot from about 16 yards that sailed high. Paige Maxwell was there, too, for the rebound or a pass. A pass would had to have been perfect, though.

Random thought – Pitt’s shot on goal in the first minute of the game was the first against Ohio State this year. And last. The Panthers have yet to register a second SOG.

56th minute – Pitt’s second shot on goal is a goal. Ashley Cuba scores unassisted. She was hit by an Ohio State clearing pass just outside the box. She turned and scored into an empty net.

59th minute – The Buckeyes come right back to tie the score at 1-all. Kayla Eckman passed to Danielle Scoliere deep into the right side of the box. Scoliere sends a lovely cross that Paige Maxwell buries into the back of the net off a header. Maxwell’s second goal of the season. Scoliere’s second assist. Eckman’s third point. Way to go Buckeyes! 

Random thought – Ohio State either led or was tied for the first 256 minutes of the season. The team’s first deficit was for three minutes.

65th – Kayla Eckman sends a screamer from 15-yards that caroms off the cross bar.

72nd minute – Pitt’s Klarissa Ames gets too close for comfort to Lauren Robertson, but Taz makes the save. This is a competitive second half. A nail-biter. Pitt leads in second half shots, 6-5, and in shots on goal, 3-1.

75th minute – Ashley Bowyer sets Tiffany Cameron up with a lovely through ball. Cameron’s shot from the left side goes just wide of the far post. A pretty play.

79th minute – Pitt’s Ashley Cuba scores again, this time off an assist from Ashley Habbel. Cuba’s goal was from about 20 yards and it deflected into the goal.

86th minute – The Buckeyes have  been working so hard…so hard and Danielle Scoliere just hit Tiffany Cameron with a nice pass but Cameron’s attempt was high.

88th minute – A tremendous save by Morie Kephart off Danielle Scoliere’s delivery into the box with Lauren Granberg lurking. Granberg then came close with a shot on goal with 27 seconds to play.

Game over. Pitt 2, Ohio State 1.

First Half

45:00 – The Buckeyes kick off with Lauren Beachy, Colleen Brady, Cassie Dickerson and Danielle Scoliere at the defender positions. Forwards are Ashley Bowyer, Tiffany Cameron, Courtney Jenkins and Lauren Steuer. Up front are Lauren Granberg and Caitlyn Martin.

First minute – Pitt sends a shot on goal with Lauren “Taz” Robertson making the save.

18th minute – Caitlyn Martin, near the top of the box, passes to her right to Lauren Steuer who fires a shot on goal for the Buckeyes’ first scoring opportunity.     

23rd minute – Steuer comes back with a left-footed drive to the far post that Pitt keeper Morie Kephart is just able to swat away with her left hand.

Random thought – Freshman Tiffany Cameron has some serious speed and she displays it every time she is running alongside a Pitt player. And the old Randy Moss saying pertains to Tiffany: if she’s “even” with her opponent she’s “leavin'” her opponent.

Random thought – Both of Lauren Beachy’s left-footed corner kicks have been on the mark. Buckeyes are going to score off a Beachy corner soon.

26th minute – The Buckeyes are swarming around every Pitt touch and the Panthers are finding it particularly difficult to get anything going in the middle of the field. Ohio State leads in shots: 7-1.

32nd minute – Danielle Scoliere chases down a Pitt Panther near the Ohio State bench and skillfully just takes the ball away. She has been doing this all season, though.

38th minute – A picture perfect pass from Kendyl Reed to Kayla Eckman results in a terrific scoring opportunity. Save Morie Kephart. Lauren Beachy on the corner kick and the result is a header that lands on top of the goal. Close. So close.

41st minute – Beachy’s sixth corner kick of the half finds Paige Maxwell’s head and another great save by Morie Kephart. Maxwell the belted the rebound and Kephart skied to swat the ball away…her sixth save of the game.

Random thought – Buckeyes are playing a beautiful game of soccer. Kendyl Reed just passed to Paige Maxwell at the top of the box, Maxwell passes it back and Reed sends Ohio State’s 12th shot of the game toward the Pitt net.

00:00 – The first half ends with no score. Ohio State outshot Pitt, 12-1, including 7-1 in shots on goal.