Future Buckeyes

  • The following links highlight information and resources commonly referenced by newly admitted students into The Ohio State University.  For additional resources once you are here at Ohio State, please visit the SASSO homepage or the ‘Future Buckeyes’ page.   

Academic Support at Ohio State – A great page that identifies Ohio State’s commitment to providing guidance, assistance, and support to students in and outside the classroom.  Click here to view a number of the tremendous resources available to student-athletes at Ohio State.

Admissions – A great link that will help you discover all that is The Ohio State University.

ACT & SAT Test Information – Need help registering for a test or sending your test scores?  Click here to learn more about both.

Activate OSU Username – Required of all students – Incoming students will be sent information after being admitted and prior to orientation. 

Colleges – A comprehensive list of colleges and schools at Ohio State, links to websites, and access to majors available in each. 

EM & APP Credit – Have course credit you think might count towards graduation?  Learn more about EM and APP credits and scores needed here.

Financial Aid – Find out about the various options – scholarships and loans – in financial aid and how to apply here.

First Year Experience – FYE is an award-winning program that serves to help first-year students build a solid foundation in their first year.  The site does a great job detailing programs and services beginning immediately following a student’s admission to Ohio State.

Orientation – Curious to know what to expect at Orientation?  Find out more about orientation here. 

Health Insurance – All students are required to have health insurance.  Learn more about how to meet the requirement here. 

Honors & Scholars – Learn more about programs and environments that promote the intellectual and personal development of high-ability undergraduate students.

Majors – Investigate more than 170 majors available to Ohio State students.  Majors are listed alphabetically. 

NCAA Eligibility Center – New Website!  Find information about the NCAA – eligibility rules, how to register, where to send your high school information, and how to send your test scores – here. 

Office of International Affairs – OIA serves as the central hub for all international students, and provides information about the processes required of incoming international students.

Office of Student Life – Learn more about the many programs and services designed to enhance a student’s experience and promote student wellness and success. 

OSU Library (Thompson)

Placement Testing Info – Get information about placement testing in English, Math, and Foreign Language here.

Residency Guidelines – Learn more about the steps and processes needed to become a resident of the state of Ohio.

Transfer Credit – Are you a transfer student?  Learn more about how your classes may transfer to Ohio State here.