Aug. 8, 2011

Two incoming Ohio State rowing Buckeyes, Nadine Seehaus and Ilse Paulis, concluded a successful showing at the 2011 World Rowing Junior Championships at Dorney Lake in Eton, Great Britain, Sunday. The duo brought home gold and silver medals to their respective countries after a weekend of competition.

Seehaus, a native of Rostock, raced to a first-place finish (6:20.16) with the women’s eight, outlasting Romania (6:23.66) and the United States (6:32.28) to claim gold for Germany. The group qualified for the final after placing first in the preliminary race in a time of 6:52.47.

The championship this year marks the second appearance in the World Rowing Junior Championships for Seehaus; the future Buckeye finished third with the JW8+ in 2010, again representing Germany.

Paulis, also competing in the championships for the second consecutive year, posted a runner-up finish in the quadruple sculls for the Netherlands. The team qualified for the A Final after recording a third-place finish in the semifinals Friday (6:47.29). Claiming the silver medal in the A Final, Paulis and her teammates improved their time to 6:34.48, which was enough to overtake Romania (6:35.23), the United States (6:35.79), Belarus (6:36.77) and Italy (6:41.50).

Last year, Paulis competed with the double sculls. Rowing bow, Paulis powered her team to a sixth-place finish.

Seehaus and Paulis will join a Scarlet and Gray squad coming off a Big Ten championship last season. Seehaus plans to study civil engineering at Ohio State, while Paulis hopes to continue her education in microbiology.

2011 World Rowing Junior Championships
Eton, Great Britain
Aug. 3-7
Dorney Lake

JW8+- (Preliminary Race)

Rank Boat Time
1. Germany 6:52.47
2. Romania 6:57.26
3. United States 7:01.35

JW8+- (Final)

Rank Boat Time
1. Germany 6:20.16
2. Romania 6:23.66
3. United States 6:32.28

JW4+- (Heat 2)

Rank Boat Time
1. Netherlands 6:58.55
2. Japan 7:06.05
3. Australia 7:11.58
4. Argentina 7:20.01
5. Korea 7:38.13

JW4+- (Semifinal A/B1)

Rank Boat Time
1. Romania 6:44.76
2. Belarus 6:46.64
3. Netherlands 6:47.29
4. Great Britain 6:47.39
5. New Zealand 6:47.85
6. Russia 6:59.29

JW4+- (A Final)

Rank Boat Time
1. Germany 6:31.07
2. Netherlands 6:34.48
3. Romania 6:35.23
4. United States 6:35.79
5. Belarus 6:36.77
6. Italy 6:41.50