March 11, 2019

Future Buckeye Teghan Inglis Wins Gold In Canada Games


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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Teghan Inglis, one of next season’s incoming Buckeyes, helped her home province of Alberta take gold in the Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, Alberta earlier this month.

Ohio State Buckeyes

“It was an incredible feeling representing my province these past 2 years and finishing my u18 experience off this way was an even better feeling,” Inglis said. “Canada Winter Games was such a unique experience, from the all the pin trading to the village to even just the crowds and fans that came out to support us. It was just all unbelievable and a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

For the uninitiated, the Canada Games is a two-week long multi-sport event held every two years in Canada, which alternates between the Canada Winter Game and the Canada Summer Games. All the athletes competing in the Canada Games are amateurs representing their province or territory.

Serving as the host province can add some pressure to the proceedings, but Inglis and her teammates rose to the occasion and earned gold by defeating Quebec in the championship game. “I think the coolest part for me was probably the amount of fans we had and just playing alongside 19 new friends and teammates. Being at home, we really had that home ice advantage with the crowd chanting so much. I think that it really helped pull our momentum and energy up throughout the games.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

Inglis even got a chance to face off with one of her future teammates as Jenn Gardiner suited up for British Columbia in the games. “We ended up playing BC twice through the games, dropping the first game but bouncing back for a win in the second to get a split. It was neat getting to play against her. She was a great player and definitely a leader on her team. On the ice it was always a hard fought battle between us, but off the ice it was really nice to share the whole experience with a future teammate.”

“The Canada Winter Games was an unreal experience overall and definitely a memory that will never be forgotten,” Inglis concluded. “There were also so many other sports participating at the same time as us, so to be a part of Team Alberta on the hockey side was such an honour, but to also be a part of something bigger with cheering for all the other Team Albert athletes was super cool! Being on a team with 19 other players who all had the same goal as me, was just so motivating as we were all determined to do our jobs and just be all in for the team for that medal.”

Inglis joins Gardiner and five other incoming freshman next season in Columbus. You can read all about the future Buckeyes HERE.