October 8, 2019

Freshmen Treated with Full Gear for First Time


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State fencing freshmen received full gear for the first time in program history this fall.

This change indicates an important shift for the program. In the past, freshmen have only received partial equipment upon making the roster and had to earn the rest. This year, however, the coaching staff surprised the freshmen and newcomers with full gear just prior to their season opener.

From Coach Donald Anthony Jr.:

“Providing a full set of competition gear is a significant step in the development of the Ohio State fencing program, putting it on par with other sports at OSU and the top programs in the country. We want to make sure every freshman has the equipment they need to have a successful competitive student-athlete experience at Ohio State and this is the first step in that journey.”

From the freshmen:

Stephen Chou: “It feels really great to be the first freshman class to get a full set of new gear. I am definitely looking forward to using it to represent the school at future events,”

Ben Levitt: “This really shows the level of trust that the coaches have in us and the commitment they expect us out of us to perform at a top level,”

Julieta Toledo: “I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team and represent OSU at competitions. There is no better way to start the season than with new gear. I’m honored and grateful for this amazing gift.”

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