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General Registration Questions (top)
How do I register a camper?
The quickest and easiest way to register is by doing it online using a credit card. When you go to the camp’s web page, click on the “Register Now!” link above the camp information.

You may also register by mail using the registration form posted on each camp’s web page. Click on the “Mail-In Registration” link to download the form and send this with your payment to the address provided on the form.

Are camps open to boys and girls of all ages?
Ages/grades and other enrollment requirements vary camp to camp. You may refer to each camp’s web page for details. Please be aware that due to NCAA recruiting rules, our camps generally are not permitted to make exceptions to the stated camp eligibility requirements.

Do I have to pay the full camp fee at the time of registration?
All camps require a payment at the time of registration, however, a few camps may require only a deposit. Please refer to each camp’s web page for details.

When do you stop accepting registrations for camps?
Registration is generally open until a camp fills, and all camp registrations are processed in the order in which they are received. Our camps have become very popular and may fill early, so register early!

What’s the difference between “resident” and “commuter”?
Many of our summer camps offer two enrollment option for campers – resident and commuter. Resident campers (also called “overnight campers”) stay on campus in the dorms (or a local hotel) at night, whereas commuter campers (also called “day campers”) “commute” between campus and their home (or where they are staying) each day.

The resident camper registration fee includes room and board. In many camps, the commuter registration fee includes meals (usually lunch). Please refer to each camp’s web page for details about what is included in the registration fees.

All camps that occur during the academic year will have the commuter/day camp option only.

Do camps offer any discounts on the registration fees?
Some camps do offer discounts, such as for groups, Ohio State employees, sibling discounts, multi-camp discounts, military, etc. You may check the camp brochure for discount information or contact the Camps Office with any questions.

While discounts may be available for a camp, NCAA recruiting rules prohibit us from offering scholarships or other financial aid to campers.

Are any scholarships or financial aid offered for the camp registration fee?
NCAA recruiting rules prohibit us from offering scholarships or other financial aid to campers.

Can I hold a spot in camp for my child and then complete the registration later?
No, in order to reserve a spot in camp, a registration and the required payment must be submitted.

If a camp is full, do you have a waiting list?
Yes, you may email with the sport, camp, camper’s name, and your contact information and request to be added to a waiting list.

Does OSU have camps at any locations other than the main campus?
At this time, all Ohio State camps are held on campus in Columbus.

What is Ohio State’s federal tax ID?
The tax ID is 31-6025986.

Online Registration Questions (top)
When will you receive my online registration? What does it mean about needing to be reviewed and accepted?
Once you submit an online registration, it will be processed the following weekday morning. At that time, the registration is reviewed to ensure that the camper is eligible for the selected camp and that all necessary information is complete. Once reviewed, if the registration is complete, the registration is accepted.

Why did I receive a message that my online registration has been “flagged by the processor for further review by the Buckeye Sports Camps staff”?
If you see this message at the top of an online registration, then the order was unable to be processed either due to an incorrect billing address or card verification number (the 3-digit number of the back of a credit card). Your credit card will not be charged, but this means that your camper is not registered for camp. A failed online registration does not reserve a camper’s spot in the camp. You may try again to register online, or you may print the camp registration form from the web site and mail it in with a check.

Why did I receive a message that my online registration has failed?
If you see this message at the top of a registration, then the order was unable to be processed. This failure is usually due to an invalid account number, insufficient funds, or a credit card being declined. Your credit card will not be charged, but this means that your camper is not registered for camp. A failed online registration does not reserve a camper’s spot in the camp. You may try again to register online, or you may print the camp registration form from the web site and mail it in with a check.

Registration Confirmation Questions (top)
How soon will I receive confirmation for a camp registration?
Camp registrations that are mailed in are processed within five days of receipt, while online registrations are processed each morning. Registration confirmations are provided by email weekly, and we will use the email address provided on the registration form. Look for emails from for all camp communications. To ensure you receive these emails, please add that address to your Safe Senders List.

I received an email stating that my child is registered for camp. When will we receive additional details and instructions about camp?
The confirmation packet for a particular camp, referred to as Important Information for Registered Campers, will be posted on our web site closer to the start of camp. The camp brochure states the date by which the packet will be available online. This packet should be reviewed prior to camp, as it contains all instructions for the camp along with the Parent Consent form that is required for all campers.




My camper is staying overnight at camp. When will we find out roommate assignments?
Final roommate assignments will be provided at check-in on the first day of camp. We will do our best to fulfill roommate requests. However, we cannot guarantee those requests. If your roommate request changes after you register for camp, please email the Camps Office no later than 21 days prior to the start of camp so we can make the appropriate change(s).

What dorm will campers be staying in?
Dorm assignments are not announced until the start of camp. However, most camps stay in air-conditioned dorms on north campus.

Do you require campers to submit a key and damage deposit?
A key deposit is not collected for Buckeye Sports Camps. However, if necessary, a camper may be billed for a lost room key ($125) or meal card ($15).

My camper needs to arrive early/depart late/stay on campus between camp sessions. Will the camp provide accommodations?
The availability of accommodations in these cases is dependent on the camp. Please contact the Camps Office to inquire about a specific camp.

Are campers supervised at all times?
Campers are supervised at all times unless they are in their dorm rooms. At that time, camp staff will be nearby but not watching the campers directly.




What should my camper bring to camp?
Each camp’s list of recommended items varies. For details, please refer to the Important Information for Registered Campers packet for your camp.

When and where do I drop off my camper on the first day? After the first day?
The drop-off and pick-up instructions, schedule, and locations will be provided in the Important Information for Registered Campers packet.

Where are the camps located?
Except as described in the camp’s brochure, all instructional activities take place at Ohio State facilities. The exact location of camp activities will vary depending on the sport, so please refer the camp’s web page for the Important Information for Registered Campers packet for complete information.

What should I do if I am running late for, or will miss, the camp’s check-in?
Please call the Camps Office to notify us of when you believe you will be arriving on campus. We will provide you specific instructions for where to go.

Does my camper need to bring spending money?
While all meals are provided during camp for overnight campers, many campers like to buy snacks or have money for other activities the camp may have planned. Several camps also offer camp apparel for sale that campers may wish to purchase.

Can parents stay and watch camp?
Camps are generally open and parents may observe camp from a viewing area (not on the fields, courts, or mats). Gymnastics is the one sport that permits parents to observe at the end of camp only, due to space restrictions in the facility.

Is merchandise available for sale at camp?
Several camps offer sport-specific apparel either through pre-camp sales or at camp. For questions about a specific camp, see the Important Information for Registered Campers.




MEALS (top)
Are meals provided at camp?
All meals are provided for overnight campers, and meals are usually provided for day campers. Please check the Important Information for Registered Campers for details about a specific camp.

Where do campers eat?
Most campers will eat at the North Commons dining facilities near the North Campus residence halls. Many camps will also have meals at the Huntington Club at Ohio Stadium or at the athletic facilities.

My camper has special dietary needs. Are you able to accommodate that, and who should I contact?
Yes, we are generally able to accommodate special dietary needs. Please email Cara Singel, Assistant Director of Buckeye Sports Camps, at with any requests at least 21 days prior to the start of camp.

Does my camper need to bring water or other drinks to camp?
It is not necessary for your camper to bring water or other drinks to camp instructional sessions. Campers are welcome to bring a water bottle to camp (please put your camper’s name on it) but one is not required. Water is provided at all instructional sessions. Cups are also provided for self-service during hydration breaks. The Gatorade G Series, including Gatorade Prime 01, Gatorade Perform 02 (original Gatorade) and Gatorade Recover 03 will also be provided at our instructional sessions. Please note that Gatorade Recover 03 contains whey protein and is not recommended for campers with milk allergies. For more information about the Gatorade G Series, please visit




Does my child need to have a physical prior to attending camp?
No, we do not require a physical. However, every camper is required to submit the Parent Consent Form in order to participate in camp.

Is an athletic trainer available for the campers?
Yes, at least one athletic trainer is present at all times for every camp.

My camper has special medical needs. Who should I contact?
Please email Cara Singel, Assistant Director of Buckeye Sports Camps, at with any requests at least 21 days prior to the start of camp.

May I modify the Parent Consent form before submitting it at check-in?
No, we are not permitted to accept modified versions of the Parent Consent Form.

Is health insurance required in order for a child to enroll in camp?
No, a camper’s family is not required to carry health insurance in order for the child to register for camp. Insurance information is requested on the Parent Consent Form in case a camper is injured at camp, but insurance itself is not a requirement for participation in camp.

If my child is injured at camp and requires medical treament, will the camp’s secondary insurance pay his medical bills?
Buckeye Sports Camps carries secondary insurance coverage which provides accident medical expense benefits (subject to policy limits) for usual and customary charges incurred in the treatment of covered camp injuries. Eligible covered expenses will be determined after benefits have been paid by other valid and collectible insurance. Therefore you must first submit your claim to your insurance company before you can submit a claim to our secondary insurance provider. This requirement to first submit a claim to your insurer includes expenses incurred at an Ohio State facility, provided by an Ohio State affiliated physician or other provider and City of Columbus ambulance services. When you receive your insurer’s Explanation of Benefits Statement, contact Scott Neeley (in the Buckeyes Sports Camps Office) at 614-292-8707 for instructions on filing a claim with our secondary insurance provider. Benefits for eligible expenses will only be paid per policy terms. Please note that you must file a claim with our secondary insurance provider within 90 days after the date of the injury.





Do you provide transportation between the airport and campus?
Several summer camps do offer transportation to and from campus. Please refer to the camp’s web page for the Important Information for Registered Campers packet for complete information about the availability of such transportation and any associated fees.

How do campers get around during camp?
Depending on the proximity of the athletic facilities with the dorms, campers will either be transported by bus or van, or they will be supervised as they walk.




What is your refund policy?
Each camp establishes its own refund policy. Please refer to each camp web page for the required notice for cancellations and any administrative fees.

Cancellations and refund requests must be submitted on the Refund Request Form, which may be accessed here. (include link to form)

What should I do if my camper cannot attend camp?
Please notify the Camps Office if your camper will be unable to attend camp, even if you will not be eligible for a refund. This will allow us to keep an accurate number of campers to expect for purposes of planning housing, meals, and staffing, and allow us to notify someone from the waiting list if necessary.

If my camper cannot attend camp, may I find someone to fill his spot?
No, campers may not find someone to replace them at camp, and one camper’s registration fee may not be transferred to another camper instead.

How are refunds processed?
When you submit a refund request form to the Camps Office, the request must be reviewed and approved by the Camps Office and the camp director. Once approved, the refund will be processed. If the registration fee was paid by credit card, that card will be refunded. If the registration was paid by check, money order, or cash, the refund will be provided as a check. The process generally takes 1-2 weeks from the time we receive the refund request form.




Do Ohio State coaches use their camps to recruit?
NCAA rules prohibit recruitment at our camps, although our camps do offer campers an opportunity to work closely with Ohio State and other collegiate and high school coaches.

Can I contact the coaches directly?
Coaches must follow NCAA recruiting rules that establish when coaches may and may not have contact with a prospective student-athlete (anyone who has begun 9th grade). Therefore, even if you call a coach and leave a voicemail, the coach may not be permitted to respond. However, you may contact a coach by email or contact the Camps Office, which will then forward your message to the coach.




How can I receive information about upcoming camps?
Email with the sport and camp you are interested in, and you will be notified once information is available for the requested camp.

How do I contact the Camps Office?
The office is open 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday thru Saturday. During the summer, the office will be open 7:00am – 11:00pm on days when camp is in session.

Phone: (614) 247-CAMP (2267)
Fax: (614) 292-5075
Address: Buckeye Sports Camps
Fawcett Center, 7th Floor
2400 Olentangy River Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210