Jan. 4, 2005

Fourteen Ohio State fencers are currently ranked in the nation according to the December 15 ranking report by U.S. Fencing.

Six Buckeyes are ranked among the Top 12 in the senior division of their respective weapons. In Senior Men’s Sabre, Jason Rogers is ranked third and Adam Crompton is ranked seventh, while in Senior Women’s Sabre, Amelia Gaillard is ranked sixth and Eileen Grench is ranked ninth. In Senior Women’s Foil, Hanna Thompson is ranked fourth and Metta Thompson is ranked 11th.

Grench is also ranked in the Junior Women’s Sabre Division, checking in at No. 7. In the Junior Women’s Epee rankings, Kaela Brendler is fourth. She is ranked 19th in the Senior Women’s Epee Division.

In Men’s Sabre, Jason Paul is ranked 16th in the Junior Division and 25th in the Senior Division. In the Junior Men’s Epee Division, Christian Rivera is ranked 13th.

Zachary Morell and George Blackburne are ranked 19th and 43rd, respectively, in the Junior Men’s Epee Division, while William Jeter is ranked 29th in Junior Men’s Foil. Syvenna Siebert is ranked 31st in Junior Women’s Sabre, while Leslie Lampman is ranked 50th in Junior Women’s Epee.

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