June 21, 2018

Four Buckeyes Finish Top-10 at 2018 Pan American Championships


COLUMBUS, Ohio — One current member of the Ohio State fencing team and three former members earned top-10 finishes at the 2018 Pan American Fencing Championships in Havana, Cuba.

Foilist Gabriela Cecchini went 4-1 in pool competition and made it to the Table of 16 to finish in ninth place with 12 points. Eleanor Harvey and Alanna Goldie made it to the quarterfinals for Team Canada in women’s foil, placing fifth and sixth, respectively. Both finished with 21 points. Former Buckeye Jason Pryor finished ninth in men’s epee and helped the United States to a first place rank in team competition.

The next event that will feature members of the Ohio State fencing team will be the 2018 World Championships on July 19-27 in Wuxi, China.

2018 Pan American Championships
Havana, Cuba

Women’s Foil | RESULTS
5th — Eleanor Harvey
6th — Alanna Goldie
9th — Gabriela Cecchini

Men’s Epee | RESULTS
6th — Jason Pryor
29th — Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger
59th — Jax Diaz-Miranda

Women’s Epee | RESULTS
49th — Caira Moreira-Brown

Men’s Sabre | RESULTS
17th — Fares Arfa

Women’s Sabre | RESULTS
13th — Eileen Grench