Forever a Buckeye! Katie Whited age 2 (1996) ... first visit to OSU :)
My favorite photo of my twin boys. My wife and I are both OSU graduates. -Submitted by David
Lily Pitts of Russells Point, Ohio. GO BUCKS! -Submitted by dspitts1962
Cousins Jeremy Beck (9) and Joseph Ferro (7) with Brutus in October 2006 before the Bowling Green game. All four parents are Ohio State graduates!! -Submitted by John Ferro
Fans 4-ever!!! -Submitted by Ginny
-Submitted by ekeller0025
-Submitted by Jaime Riley
My daughter starting the cry ... O-H-I-O! -Submitted by Joe H
Logan has been an Ohio State fan since birth! -Submitted by Kelly
Liana at three weeks old. -Submitted by Eric
Forever A Buckeye! Dotting the
Go Bucks!! -Submitted by Mahdi
Courtland Toms born an Ohio State Buckeyes fan and named after player Courtland Bullard. Go Bucks! -Submitted by Ronda
-Submitted by Tim Gerrity
-Submitted by Angela Forino
-Submitted by Bill Spradlin
-Submitted by Kristy Oty
-Submitted by Lytle VFW
-Submitted by rpraither
My son at six months old, then nine years old at his first OSU game. -Submitted by Tracy Lewis
-Submitted by Arin Bizzarri
-Submitted by Brent Myers
-Submitted by Danielle Shordt
-Submitted by Carrie Wirick
Brooklyn Macias - Buckeye Fan Forever!! -Submitted by Crystal Macias
I have been a Buckeye fan my entire 56 years. My granddaughters however are relatively new fans. -Submitted by David Lawhun
-Submitted by Dawn Ellerbush
-Submitted by Dustin Stinson
Passing down the OSU love to my week old granddaughter Lyla Grace. Even though she lives in Florida, grandma wants her to be a Buckeye - NOT a Gator! -Submitted by Judy Lautzenheiser
-Submitted by Julia M Francis
Picture of my son Jayce Michael born on 3/17/14. That's right, a St. Paddy's baby!!! -Submitted by Justin Pappas
-Submitted by Kayti Francis
-Submitted by Kimmi Marchant
-Submitted by Jennifer Elliott
-Submitted by Jennifer Shipley
Photos from over the years of the kids in my family :) Growing up Buckeye fans! No other way! Go Bucks!! -Submitted by Jillienne Williams
-Submitted by juanavelker
-Submitted by Lance Begoon
Amy Cutting Mitchell at six months old in November 1995. -Submitted by Larry Cutting
My daughter Evynne was born into a family of Buckeye lovers. Happy 125th, OSU football! -Submitted by kjnaissolney
Laylah Irene Lovejoy born November 6, 2014. -Submitted by Chris Lovejoy
Born a Buckeye! -Submitted by Lindsey Voge
Our son was a Buckeye from the day we brought him home from Guatemala (baby pic). -Submitted by Melissa Brickner
-Submitted by Morgan Bowen
-Submitted by ukdad2015
Taken in 1980 at the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona. Go Bucks! -Submitted by Brandee Nemire
-Submitted by Sandy Hartge
-Submitted by mneilson
My son Drew at one year old. He just graduated from OSU in May 2014. Go Bucks! -Submitted by Ron Beverick
-Submitted by Tyler Verhoff
He is forever a Buckeye!!! -Submitted by Vanessa Sanders
-Submitted by Wendy Bellert
Made this photo collage two years ago. When I saw this contest, I knew it would be perfect! GO BUCKS!!!!! -Submitted by Sarah Davis
-Submitted by Veronica Eckman
Natalie (fan since 2007), Sloopy (fan since 2005) and Lucas (fan since 2011)! Go Bucks! -Submitted by Michelle Koschalk
Luke's love for the Buckeyes was born in November 2009, when his daddy brought him home a tiny Bucks football jersey. O-H-I-O!!! -Submitted by Chad Henry