I have been a Buckeye fan for at least 52 years. I got this little Buckeye troll when I was 10 living in Columbus Ohio years ago. I now live in Des Moines, Iowa. Brutus goes to all the games, parties and gatherings we have. He has been passed around, patted on the head, had his tummy rubbed, kisses and all for Good Luck!! -Submitted by Bonnie Brown
Buckeye since 1990! (Photo: 1992 Phantom Band Pep Rally) -Submitted by Corey Kluber
My boys at the Buckeye Nation invasion of Berkley (2013) -Submitted by Nathan Bohl
I have been a Buckeye for 20 years - now a sophomore at OSU! -Submitted by Veronica Reinhart
My baby was born at OSU Medical Center November 20, 2013. Sheâ?<sup>TM</sup>s a Buckeye, born and bred! -Submitted by Brad McCarty
This is a picture of my son Lucas ready for his first Ohio State/TTUN game (Nov. 2011). Go Bucks! -Submitted by Michelle Koschalk
-Submitted by buck47nut
Kenny Salts. Fan at birth! -Submitted by Melissa Salts
-Submitted by Julie Kocher
-Submitted by Kandace Peterson
Baby Liana Schwartz viewing her first game last year (1 month old)!!! Go Bucks!!! -Submitted by Eric Schwartz
-Submitted by sherrehutchins
I became a buckeye fan the day I met and fell in love with my born and raised buckeye husband, Kevin. I will raise my daughter to love and appreciate The Ohio State University and all that it stands for. We are a buckeye household and our daughter (now 2 1/2 years old) is already growing to love the game of football. Our little Buckeye! -Submitted by Michelle Cooner
Love of the Buckeyes! -Submitted by Misty Pullins
Freshman dorm, Baker Hall (1994-95). Amazing year - amazing school to claim. Go Bucks! -Submitted by buffy76
My son on the day Archie and Jack were introduced into the
-Submitted by Stacia Gruitza
-Submitted by scarlettgray2000
My parents got engaged on Mirror Lake as OSU students. -Submitted by Bethany Armstrong
-Submitted by Marilyn Malone
A Buckeye since day 1!! -Submitted by Toni Maxton
Submitted by Patricia Reinhart
-Submitted by Tammi Ogilbee
I have been a fan for 32 years. My babe has been a fan for nine weeks. Go Bucks! -Submitted by joeyhyattsc
-Submitted by Jim Price
-Submitted by Gary Mabrey
This is my mom, Tina, and all her grand babies. She has been an OSU fan since she was little and is passing it on! Go Bucks! -Submitted by Mollie Leisure
-Submitted by Tennessee Harrison
Watching the 2002 National Championship game from OSU hospital. Mom is OSU grad ('91 BA, '96 MA) and dad received his MA and PhD from OSU. -Submitted by Erin Keith
-Submitted by Rachel Meyer
My granddaughter Hannah Volk became a
-Submitted by Dawn Duskins
I have been a Buckeye Forever. I was the 1966 Beanie Baby when the Mansfield Campus opened. My mother was one of the first faculty to be employed at OSU. My mother worked in excess of 20 years at OSU until she passed away of leukemia in 1989.

Things haven't change a whole lot in 48 years. Even though I live in Illinois now I still bleed Scarlet and Gray! Go Bucks! -Submitted by Carrie Woodside
My daughter, Cora, knew who was No.1 at 7-months-old. My son, Emmett, was all smiles snuggled up with Brutus from the time he was a newborn. My son, Silas, became fast friends with Brutus. -Submitted by Kialee (Laubenthal) Bohnert
My twins. Left picture is Nolan, right picture is Ella. -Submitted by Amber Staton