Senior running back Maurice Hall
On the success of the kick-off return team against Cincinnati
“Everyone gave it all their effort. They did the best they could blocking and I just ran the ball. Everyone believed we were going to break one (for a touchdown) and we are going to break one.”

On Coach Darrell Hazell(OSU special teams coach)
“We are doing the same things we did last year. He just brought more attitude. He has really showed us that it means a lot to him and when it means a lot to him it means a lot to us. We want to go out there and do our best.”

On Marshall’s speed
“They are pretty fast. They like to be around the ball and they like to run to the ball. So we just need to make sure we are doing the same.”

On Marshall
“They do play hard. They have a pretty good defense and a solid defensive line. They have a good defensive end that I have seen on film. They are going to come ready to play. We need to be ready to play.”

Senior wide receiver Bam Childress
On his performance against Cincinnati
“It felt good to get out and play. It was nice to show everyone what I am capable of. I felt very comfortable in my role and I can’t wait to get out and play again this week.”

On the play of quarterback Justin Zwick
“I thought Justin (Zwick) played well in his first start. He made a couple of mistakes, but nothing that can’t be improved on. He settled in nicely and gained confidence throughout the game.”

On Marshall
“They are going to be hungry. They lost a game they shouldn’t have. They are physical and fast. We will have to avoid turnovers and bring our best effort if we intend to beat them.”

Junior linebacker Mike D’Andrea
On Ohio State’s depth at linebacker
“It’s always good to have competition at any position. It makes you focus on what you need to do better and it makes the team stronger.”

On Marshall
“I know they have some very good athletes at Marshall and we will have to be prepared. We’re not really going to change what we’ve been doing (defensively), but we did talk a lot yesterday about getting pressure on the quarterback.” On if the play of the OSU linebackers has lived up to its potential
“I’m not too into talking about potential. In my mind, you haven’t done anything until you have done it. We had a good first game and we now need to try to improve on it.”