Oct. 4, 2005

Nick Mangold, senior center
On coming out strong after the bye week
“It is definitely in our head. That was a big key last week. It was important for our seniors to keep the team up and focused. The little break was good, but we came back Sunday and treated it as if we had just played Iowa the day before.”

On playing at Penn State
“I love playing at Penn State. It is a great stadium and they have awesome fans. They pack them in there. It will be great to play there at night. It is a great atmosphere, and a great place to play college football.”

On the offense
“We have great confidence. Coming off a 300-plus yard game, it makes you very confident. It makes you want to get out there and do it again, which is what we have to do. Last week was a step in the right direction, now we need to take that second step in the right direction.”

Nate Salley, senior safety
What Derrick Williams has meant to Penn State
“He has really opened things up for them. He has played wide receiver, running back and quarterback. He is a playmaker and you need that.”

How the offence has changed for Penn State
“They are a lot faster and they are just flying around the ball. They have lots of playmakers on offence now. You can watch all the game film you want but until you are beside them you don’t know for sure how fast they really are.”

On playing in Beaver Stadium
“It is my favorite place to play, with the Lion in the background growling and the fans going all crazy it is fun.”

On any changes to practice style because of OSU’s 1-3 record coming off bye weeks and it being a night game
“We have not changed too much. Right now we are just focused on being focused. You have all week to get prepared. On game day you just have to relax and be ready.”