Tyler Everett, junior strong safety
On the win against Indiana
“It is a better feeling now that we have won a game in the Big Ten. There was a lot of negativity being thrown at us, but we stuck together and now with the win we feel even tighter.”

On Troy Smith
“Troy is a really good leader. Even his freshman year when he wasn’t playing, he always got me going on special teams. I knew he was a great player coming out of high school, because I played against him. I knew he would be able to step up and lead.”

On the rest of the season
“Every game is big. We have three losses, but we are trying to win the rest of the games this season and make it to a bowl game. We will play each game as it comes to us.”

On the Penn State game
“We need to emphasize and correct the things we didn’t do well. Every game in the Big Ten is physical and with each week every team gets stronger. We are a tight unit and need to help each other out.”

Troy Smith, sophomore quarterback
On the preparations for Penn State
“Penn State is a tough team and we’ll have to be ready for a tough game. They play smash-mouth football and we’ll have to be ready for that.”

On finishing the season strong
“We’re trying to get to a bowl game and have a winning season. We still want to be a factor in the Big Ten race and we’re looking forward to that challenge.”

On his performance against Indiana and looking forward to Penn Sate
“Coach Tressel always talks about decision making and I felt that I did a good job of that. There are always things that you can improve on. I prepare for each game the same whether I’m the starter or not, because you never know if you’re going to get a chance and you have to be ready.”

On leadership from the quarterback position
“Players respond to whomever is leading them. As far as me going out there and being a leader, it’s all about performing in the battle with my teammates. The way I lead might be different than Justin, but we’re both leaders.”

Maurice Hall, senior tailback
On Penn State
“Every time we play Penn State no matter what their record is and what our record is, it is going to be a good game. They are going to play hard and we are going to come out and play hard, too.”

On the last four games of the season
“Everyone always says it is not how you start, but it is how you finish. Last week was a start of how we want to finish. If we focus on the next four games then we will be able to make it to a bowl game.”

On approaching the kick-off return record
“I am thankful I have been on the kick-off return team the past four years. I hope that I can get those 5 yards that I need for the record. I am very proud to have contributed to kick-off return team the past four years.”