Oct. 25, 2005

Mike Kudla, senior defensive end
On the Minnesota offense
“The challenge is go out and play a good defensive game. You see so many different offenses these days and theirs is different than what we’ve seen. We’ll have to keep after them the whole game. Obviously Minnesota can run the ball and we will have to practice all week to prepare and step up on Saturday.”

“They run to set up the pass, and their run game is phenomenal. Watching them on film, it could be third-and-10 or third-and-12 and they’re still running zone plays and getting first downs. They’re just that good and very well coached. We will have to be sound and know the situation.”

On Minnesota running back Laurence Moroney
“I haven’t seen every running back in the country, but he has to be among the best. He has so many qualities and when he gets in the open field he can break away. He’s so durable, too. It will be a challenge for us and we will have to focus on trying to contain him.”

Nick Mangold, senior center
On playing in the Dome
“We played in a dome last year during the bowl game, so that gave us some experience playing in that type of stadium. We have an indoor field here, which isn’t the same but we know somewhat how it’s going to be. The big difference with the open stadium is the wind. It’s much warmer as well. Mid-October it’s cold outside but warm in the dome. It’s more like an August game.”

On the Minnesota defense
“They are physical and get after you. They are big inside and have speed on the outside. It’ll be a great challenge when they’re rushing to get after you.”

On Minnesota center Greg Eslinger
“He moves well. That’s something I watch for and see what he does. His power is good; it’s lower. I have to work on that.” Antonio Pittman, sophomore running back
On the Minnesota game
“I’m excited for Minnesota. This is the first time I have got the chance to play up there. They have one of the best rush offences. This might give us a chance to show people we can run, too.”

On penalties
“We have to get rid of the penalties. We had way too many big plays called back last week because of penalties and if we want to win out, we have to cut those out.”

On having no touchdowns this season
“It doesn’t really matter who gets them just as long as we get them. Troy and those guys can score as long as we’re winning.”

Malcolm Jenkins, freshman cornerback
On the game plan for this week
“They have a great rushing offence we have got to shut down and stay physical and play four quarters of football.”

On starting as a freshman
“The coaches have had confidence in me ever since I got here and that has given me a great deal of confidence. They tell me I have to be physical so each week I try to get more and more physical.”

On turnovers and penalties
“We cannot expect to keep winning with the turnovers and penalties that we have had in recent weeks.”

James Laurinaitis, freshman linebacker
On football in Minnesota
“It was usually all about the Vikings. Most of the time you did not see much on high school football. The thing that tends to be really big in Minnesota is hockey.”

Recruiting in Minnesota
“The best players tend to leave and since (Minnesota head coach) Glen Mason has got there he has brought in a good number of Ohio guys.”

On Minnesota players from Ohio
“They will definitely want to beat the guys from the school in their hometown and Coach Mason will get those boys really rallied up. It is going to be hot and dry up there in the dome so it should be a good game.”

Rob Sims, senior offensive guard
On penalties on turnovers
“We can’t have those anymore and we must get rid of these penalties and turnovers. We have to better every week with these penalties to eliminate them and get rid of these foolish mistakes.”

On the home stretch of Big Ten play
“We need to just stay focused. With the loses early on we were upset but Coach Tressel has kept us focused and keep us taking week by week.”

On Minnesota
“I’m very excited. I have never played up there and the last time we played them I did not really play that much. We are both 5-2 and we have to get this one.”

Ted Ginn Jr., sophomore wide receiver
Comparing himself to Reggie Bush
“We both are really great athletes and we both are very talented players.”

On being in a dome
“This is the first game that I have ever played in a dome on that kind of turf so it should exciting to see what it is like. It should be really loud but I know we will be ready. I like to play on grass, I have my whole life. I like getting dirty.”

On yards after the catch
“The most important thing is that you catch the ball. After that you just have to keep two hands on the ball and keep the ball to ourselves.”

Anthony Schlegel, senior linebacker
On the season
“We have to maintain strength and everybody has to be all about the team. The older guys keep an eye out for the younger guys to keep their strength up.”

On Minnesota
“They love to run it will be a tough physical game. They are going to pound the ball at you all game. It is no secret they will just pound it at you until you break.”

A.J. Hawk, senior linebacker
On the Minnesota running backs
“We have to play four quarters. They will throw three backs at you and give you a real change of pace from the running back position.”

Each team’s games plan
“Each one of us knows what we are going to do and we both know each other’s mind sets. We’re not really going to run any special defense. We all just have to do our jobs and trust each other to do our jobs.”

On young back up linebackers
“They are all very talented and come spring ball should be very exciting to watch all that talent play out on the field. Right now, however, everyone is just focused on winning the rest of our games this season and being Big Ten Champions.”