Nov. 7, 2006

David Patterson, senior defenseman
On the second half against Illinois
“They are a great team. I don’t think we felt a change on defense because they were going no huddle the whole game and just started going faster. Anytime you play a Big Ten team you know they are going to bring their `A’ game. They thing that helps us is we have other great fifth-year seniors on our team that know from the national championship game the battle doesn’t stop until the end of the game. Any team can win on any given Saturday.”

On playing a challenging game
“We don’t expect to go without any close games. It was a good test of our character because there may be a time we need to dig deep. This week in practice we will practice harder and harder to be the best by the end of the week because watching Northwestern on film they look impressive.”

On the OSU defense
“They (Illinois) had some great play calls. They ran the option quite a bit and they executed the hook and lateral really well. We had some execution errors but those are things we can fix. It isn’t anything we won’t be able to fix for this week’s game.”

Anthony Gonzalez, junior wide receiver
On experiencing a close game
“The score is important because it determines who wins but I have always believed a better way to evaluate your performance is to look at each play. You want to execute flawlessly and we did not do that.”

On Illinois
“Illinois was the first team I felt came out and played us with no fear. I think that is why they were so successful. They were fearless.”

On the remainder of the season
“I do not anticipate Northwestern fearing us, or Michigan fearing us, or whoever we play in the bowl game fearing us. I didn’t anticipate any of the teams we played previous fearing us either but I feel certain teams defeated themselves. Illinois played us hard with no fear.”

On team confidence
“We are a pretty experienced and confident group. One bad performance isn’t going to change that. It may be a set back statistically speaking, but it is never as bad as it looks. We didn’t do everything great but it wasn’t a complete debacle.”

On advice he gave Chris Wells
“We all talked to him. I told him something that Ryan Franzinger told me last year when I dropped a big pass. I told him you will never be able to recover that ball or carry that particular ball ever again. You will have the chance to carry a thousand more footballs in your career and you just need to worry about those.”

On Chris Wells
“He is a tough kid and what he is going through is just part of growing as a player. Nobody in our locker room doubts he can carry the ball or do whatever he is doing on offense. We have complete confidence in his abilities and what he can do for our offense.”

On the close games of Ohio State and Michigan
“The thing about college football is that teams that aren’t supposed to `give teams a close game’ do because there is talent spread out all over the nation. There are talented coaches and players everywhere who sometimes fly under the radar. That is why you have close games when you aren’t necessarily supposed to and that’s how upsets happen.”