Aug. 5, 2003

Senior Split End Michael Jenkins
On getting started:
“We have a lot of experience and great senior leadership. We are going to go out there and just try to win games. We can’t worry about anything else except football.”

Senior Center Alex Stepanovich
“Last year we had a lot of guys who were in-and-out and we a lot of young guys step up. This year we have a lot of weapons and we are going to use them. We still have a lot of work to do.

On being ranked No. 2 in the USA Today Coaches Pre-Season Poll:
“We don’t care about that stuff now. It doesn’t matter until January.”

On summer workouts:
“It has been a lot of hard work. We are going to have to step it up a notch if we want to have another great season. We want to leave our own mark as a senior class. Everyone wants a piece of what we had last year and we want it again.”

Senior Quarterback Craig Krenzel
On the NCAA’s new rule to have five practices before wearing pads:
“It’s different than in my earlier years and even different from last year. I think it will be different for the upperclassman but it will be good for us. It gives us a few more days to prepare mentally. Sometimes when you start hitting you forget the basics.”

Junior Place Kicker Mike Nugent
On his role this year:
“I don’t want the offense to be worried about not getting points from far out. I didn’t do the job my freshman year. You want to be able to get three points every time the offense doesn’t take it in. I know that I am confident about doing that and I’m excited to get started.”

On winning:
“If we win one game that will give us the confidence to win the next one. We have been doing a good job of having that attitude.”