Aug. 30, 2005

Nick Mangold, senior center
On preparing for the Miami defense
“They have a lot of speed, especially at the linebacker position, so you have to be perfect with your steps if you want to block them.”

On the opening game of the season
“It’s very exciting because after three weeks of hitting the same guys we get to go after someone new. Sure we’ll be a little nervous but it comes down to the first play and then you go from there. Even though we’re seniors, it’s still a new season and the first game.”

On the depth of the offensive line
“We are pretty deep, which helps, but we all get along real well, too. It’s nice to have that kind of depth and be able to work different guys in.”

Rob Sims, senior left guard
On the game vs. Miami
“We definitely have to respect them as a team. When Miami plays big opponents they are not scared or intimidated, so we have to play hard. We are not going to float through any of our games. We have to get things done.”

On the OSU offense
“I think we will have more consistency this year. Some guys got moved around on the line and I think Nick (Mangold) and I as senior leaders will help us as a whole. We also have talent with our receivers and quarterbacks.”

On switching to left guard
“Coach Bollman and coach Tressel knew I always wanted to play guard. I’m comfortable at the position and it comes natural to me.”

A.J. Hawk senior linebacker
On the defense
“The defense is not going to change that much this year. We want to be great at what we do and having too much change can have a negative effect. We want to be able to attack the other team and put pressure on their quarterback.” On Miami quarterback Josh Betts
“He is a great player and is very mobile, which not enough people give him credit for. He had to replace (Ben) Roethlisberger and has done a great job. We are going to have to take him very seriously.”

Nate Salley, senior safety
On Miami’s receivers
“They have some great guys. (Martin) Nance is a tall, long-strider and can catch. (Ryne) Robinson is quick and dangerous. We need to be ready for both of them.”

On Being a Captain of the 2005 Ohio State team
“It has been a great experience so far. No one in my family has ever had anything like this. It is a real honor. No one is happier than my mom. When I told her, she said `We made captain.’ So, I guess it looks like she is a captain too.”

On the Strides the Defense Has Made during Camp
“We have been coming together. We had some ups and downs, but the coaches told us not to hang our heads and fell sorry for ourselves during the down times. They said learn from your mistakes and carry that on. Hopefully, we carry that into Saturday.”

Senior linebacker, Mike D’Andrea
On returning from his injury
“I’m not going to put a specific date on it, but I think a month would be good. I’m excited, I want to help the team. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go out and make a few plays.”

Senior linebacker, Anthony Schlegel
On Miami (Ohio)
“They (Miami) have a great inside team. What they do, they do well. We’re going to have to go out there and just go after it. They’re a tough team.”

Junior quarterback, Justin Zwick
On how the competition for playing time betters the team
“I just want to go out and play my game and get a `W.’ When you come to play at Ohio State you know you’re going to have people pushing you, wanting your spot. I think that helps everybody. It pushes them to be their best.”

Junior strong safety, Donte Whitner
On Miami (Ohio)
“They (Miami) have two of the best receivers in college football today. Just because they are in the MAC does not mean they are not a good team. They’re going to come out and play.”

Sophomore tailback, Antonio Pittman
On Ohio State’s opponents playing at Ohio State “I respect MAC schools. I respect all opponents we play. No matter how they are playing that season, when they come to Ohio State it’s a whole different ball game.”

Sophomore receiver, Ted Ginn Jr.
On the possibility of being double-teamed
“I think there will be double-teaming, but that just opens up somebody else. If they double-team me, it opens my other receiver for the play.”